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Writing Saved My Life

Insights From a Young Writer

I have been writing for three years now. Words are more captivating than anything else that a lad like me can fathom. During my school years, I loved reading comic books and bible stories. They made me happy and added value to my life. The tales of Samson and Delilah gave me a glimpse of what happened in ancient times. In high school, my desire to read was growing, this made me to join academic related clubs to improve my learning skills. These clubs were very helpful to me and other students who joined in later. I learned so much about African history and my country, just in few week my grades changed and I began taking lead in history and geography subjects. You can imagine how a leap of faith can change a person’s life.

In high school, I had a rough life, to say the least. Most of my time was spent alone daydreaming, watching movies with my friend's phones and sneaking out. However, one day I met with Masalu Moses, my friend. We talked, and he introduced me to the world of reading. He gave me a novel to read I read it for the entire week and enjoyed it far better than any form of recreation. Therefore my love for writing began, I decided to take writing seriously and started English writing skills lessons from my old friend and teachers. A few weeks later, I managed to know the basics, then I began researching a topic for my first article. To be honest, during the time I despised the ongoing status quo and vowed to change it by writing, thus the school notice board was the suitable platform in school.

“We live in circles” was the title of my first article, posted on the school notice board. I can still remember all the comments shot at me, just in a short time I was known to most students who did not believe that I could even pull such a thing off. Ideas for the next article kept coming, I found myself trolling down many themes to write and my love for reading went up to the roof. Consequently, a proofreader had to be found, and I did not want to take the risk of proofreading my own work, so the search for the right guy for job began. You will be amazed how friends can be resourceful when you know how to use them effectively, I managed to fish out my proofreader—it was a friend that no one did even notice to be around. His name was Ayubu. He was a very hardworking guy, taking his studies seriously. He volunteered to proofread all my writings with no strings attached. Along the road, I found out a couple of writing errors I made and how to master the choice of words. Ayubu did a great job and I will forever be in debt to him.

Deep down in my mind, I know hard work is required. The school notice board was not a good platform anymore,. My time at the school was ending and I had to find something better to work with. Before my graduation, I was working on my first novel idea. It was a crime thriller that perched through the urban rush of life in Tanzania. It took me three years to finish the manuscript. Hard work was required to finish that book. After these three years, I understand that passion and hard work make anything possible. Still I am writing and working hard to earn a living through this talent. Hard work, passion, and patience enabled me get a lead in writing. 

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Writing Saved My Life
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