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Why You Should Drop College!

Don't know if this is for you? Time to see.

Washington and Jefferson College Campus

I am you. I was enrolled in college for two consecutive years, watching videos of people living their lives, having large imaginations, and feeling trapped. Feeling like it's my time to join the drop out movement, but so nervous to take out my safety net. No college means it's just YOU. That's a scary concept. But a rewarding move. 

Taking A Leap of Faith

Don't Let Yourself Drown In Puddles

If you get too distracted by your life passions and can't seem to concentrate on homework, it's a sign. College is for individuals that need a degree to explore their passions more. It's an investment for your future self. If it's taking time from what you love, you're not benefiting from that investment.

College is not an investment just because it's very costly, but time consuming. It can take between two to four years from you. That's basically 730-1460 days and 17,520 to 345,600 hours from your life that you could be using to perfect or get better at your special craft. Everyone brings something special to the table, but not what everyone brings requires a degree. And that's okay.

Taking a leap of faith, challenging what that is for you, figuring it out, that's life. Understanding you might fail, or accept the possibility of being wrong, is apart of taking a leap of faith. Although understanding there's nothing wrong with being wrong. We don't want to live our life in regret to live the comfortable pathway.

Feel The Breeze

Break The Rules and Be Crazy

College should make you happy, not all the time, but majority of the time. If you find your happiness draining, or non existent, pack your stuff and leave. No one should spend so much of their life unhappy to get a career and discover that also makes them unhappy. Live a life where you choose to follow happiness. 

You only live once. So make sure the time you are living you are feeling the breeze or testing the waters. 

In my life, there was so many signs that college was not me, but I ignored them. I envisioned success from others journey's. Instead of loving myself enough to trust myself, to feel the breeze in my toes, to take a leap of faith, I took a pathway I thought was definite. I'm only going to work hard, if I love what I do. I'm only going to make positive change, if I follow my purpose.

Follow Your Purpose

We all have a purpose as to what we are put here for. We all have a reason to exist. If we follow everyone else's, we won't be helping who we are made to. We would fail. Maybe others needed to fail, so we wouldn't make the same mistakes. But I'm here to tell you, you need to be you. 

So, let's book a one way ticket to your future. No going back, no safety net, no holding hands. Just you, yourself, and the world. Where's your ticket headed towards?

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Why You Should Drop College!
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