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Why You Should Absolutely 100% Change Your College Major

By Sophie Owen

"I AM NOT A NUMBERS PERSON!" I yelled this from the roof top. (Actually I yelled it from the 5th floor of the science library, but we aren't supposed to yell there). Anyways, in that moment as much as I hated it and as hard as I had fought it, I knew. And hey, when you know. You know. Then I quit business school. Because I, Sophie Elizabeth, am not a numbers person. And that's ok. The thing is, not everyone is for numbers the same way how not everyone is musical. All things are gifts. You're good at math? That's your gift. You can recite all the countries? That is your gift. You can listen to someone deeper than anyone else? That is your gift. Because the most wonderful and beautiful thing about life is that not everyone is a numbers person. Life is inexhaustible. We spend our lives exhausted and exhausting. Exhausting all the possibilities of things we're not, and exhausted by trying them all. College has you try a lot, and truth be told you'll hate most of it. But you'll figure it out. We all do. And what I figured out is that I am not good with numbers. Or spreadsheets. Or charts. To be quite honest the word "Excel" used in anyway makes my skin crawl. So if all that doesn't have you convinced, here are five other reasons why you should absolutely 100% change your major.

1. You're reading this article.

Honestly, people that are for sure without a doubt set on their major wouldn't click on an article titled "Why You Should Absolutely 100% Change You're Major." Don't argue with me.

2. There are Two Types of College Students

Those that give a damn and those that don't. Take my advice: Be BOTH. Hear me out, we all know the one student who FLIPS when they get any grade lower then 110% and trust me their is no way that is good for their blood pressure. But we also know that one guy whose life mantra is "C's get degrees." Neither of these life paths sound all that peachy do they? I'm going to let you in on a little secret. The key to college is to give a damn about what is important to you. And give *just* enough of a damn about the pesky little tasks in between that are going to get you there. In a nutshell? If you are in a major that doesn't inspire one of those two types of "damns" previously mentioned, drop it.

3. College is kind of like fake adulthood.

Life is like a high ropes course and yes you have the safety net of friends and family, but those ropes would still give anyone a fear of heights. So when thinking about college, consider it the low ropes. Changing majors is like the low scale version of a midlife crisis. But hey, look at the bright, you won't be stuck with a panic pixie cut. Just a different degree and couple more credits.


I changed my entire major because of one class I took my first semester. When I realized that I practically lived to go to this class every Tuesday and Thursday, I knew something had to give. I had the right idea, but the wrong focus and I never would have known that if I hadn't been paying attention. So pay attention to what makes you get out of bed in the morning and base your life vision on that.

5. Do What You Know

At the end of the day you know what you want. Trust me (yes trust the internet blogger). You have known yourself longer than anyone else has, and no one has perceived your life the way you have. If you want be something, then be it. Because everyone else is out their BEING their own thing and you shouldn't be denied that. So BE. Be a writer. Be a mathematician. Be a therapist, a police officer, a teacher, a gypsy. Take up space being you're BE.

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Why You Should Absolutely 100% Change Your College Major
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