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Why Not an MBA in Sports Management?


For the most part, people work hard and want to have free time to enjoy their hobbies. Many enjoy a good Sunday of snacks and drinks while watching sports on television. This is a hobby that, throughout the world, seems to happen on an almost daily basis. But sports teams don’t just come together. They are managed. Without a solid front office, we wouldn’t be able to watch and enjoy the games like we do today. If you want to be part of this front office team, earning an MBA sports management degree is your first step.

Getting Your MBA in Sports Management

MBA sports management degrees will prepare you for multiple roles in sports. Be it American Football, Soccer, Hockey, Rugby, Basketball or any other sport you can dream of, management is the driving factor behind what makes these sports so exciting.

With an MBA in Sports Management degree, you will learn how to negotiate contracts, recruit talent, find advertising, price products, such as seating and souvenirs, and many other aspects of running a successful sports team.

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Keep in mind that this career will require weekend work and some long hours, especially for larger teams. But if you do what you love, are you really working?

Graduates can expect a widely varied income, ranging from $40,000 to over $100,000 a year based on experience, position, education, team size, and location. This comes at a cost, though. Any big business, which most sports teams are, is a stressful employer. You have to watch the bottom line, keeping owners, managers, and players happy at the same time.

While you balance all of this you also need to keep the seats filled. The rewards are worth it, though. Between a significant income and an exciting atmosphere, this stress will quickly fade into the background.

Going to College

Finding the time to earn this degree can seem nearly impossible. Keeping in mind that you already have a busy work and personal schedule, and add to that the fact that you have to find time for an education, you may think you can’t do it. This is one of the driving factors behind the rapid growth of the online degree program industry. Many colleges offer you the ability to attend school without ever visiting their campus. Obviously, this cuts down on travel time but also consider the impact of attending college from where you sit right now. Imagine you live in California and your dream is to work for the teams you grew up rooting for, but you want to attend a New York college. The move may be a hindrance, but with online colleges, you can find one that you can attend from home. Some online colleges even offer free laptops for their students either through lending the students a loaner laptop or giving them a laptop as part of the tuition.

Online classes vary a little from traditional coursework. At the start of a semester, you are given a schedule that will help keep you on track with the lesson plan of the class. As long as you complete and submit work on or before the scheduled date, you decide when and how to study. If you wish to get up an hour early while the family is still asleep, or stay up an hour late, you decide. This should ease your concerns about earning a degree. Find the right school and get started on your MBA in sports management.

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Why Not an MBA in Sports Management?
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