What You Can Do with an Anthropology AA

Bachelor's and Associate's

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Anthropology is an arts degree with an emphasis on science, that gives you the skills to interview people which means you can work in HR writing newsletters, organizing events, as well as communications with other employees, and more. Or you can write ethnographies since that is an assignment given in anthropology classes, although this can be learned in an English class. Attorneys with an anthropology background can practice international law, immigration, and human rights law. Anthropology teaches how to understand the reason behind cultural values, and why people are different from each other. In other companies, they might have used the term “diversity officer,” which means that anthropology majors can use their knowledge of other cultures to suggest alternative ways to recruit as well as keep employees from different backgrounds.

Teaching ESL can require an anthropology background, as can having to be able to teach foreign languages learned as a minor or double major. Anthropology prepares you for immersing yourself in how to understand another culture when you travel to teach English in a foreign country. Anthropology majors can become a foreign services officer, which means they would be helping other people from their country adjust to another country as immigrants. International non-profit administrators come up with solutions to major world problems such as poverty.

Interpreters are often needed to bridge cultural divides between people with spoken language and sign language with regard to people with deafness. Media planners are another career option for anthropology majors since they decide which media platform they have to use to communicate with the public on advertising a product. They have to choose between magazines, newspapers, or television quite often while deciding what form of marketing to use. Marketing, as a field in general, could be filled with somebody who has an anthropology background.

Any field that involves intense research could require an anthropologist’s knowledge such as clerical jobs, working for the post office, and even administrative assisting. A public health specialist could use a background in anthropology when they are busy planning ways to educate the public, about how to prevent illnesses from spreading. Anthropologists also know how to edit papers, which would make them good tutors, and they have an academic background in addition. People with anthropology Associate's can work as research assistants to an academic anthropologist. Associates in anthropology can work as a social worker if they have a Bachelor’s in social work, as well as an Associate.

An anthropology associate says you can deal with people in any field. Graduate level anthropologists work in academia. Getting an Associate’s in anthropology also requires studying biology, physical science, and social science. An anthropology background can lead to a career as a fundraiser, for example, someone focused on making money for a non-profit organization. Fundraisers keep records and anthropology teaches how to be organized, keeping records on past donors, and incoming donors for future use. Other jobs as an Associate’s in anthropology could be a cultural affairs specialist or a planner of community events.

Being a city council member can be a legitimate career choice having a degree in anthropology, even if it is a Bachelor’s and not an Associate’s. Running for public office requires understanding what social group a person is coming from. Research analysts can have a degree in anthropology because this leads to a job where they analyze data using statistical knowledge. Writing skills also come in handy since a research analyst needs to write reports. Social researchers are a type of anthropology background job where they conduct interviews, get people to fill out surveys, and run focus groups.  

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What You Can Do with an Anthropology AA
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