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What I Wish I Would've Known During High School

A Teenager's Perspective

You may come across a couple of Queen B's in your time, but don't put them on the pedestal that they want to be on.

I had a fantastic time in high school *sarcasm*. I wasn't really bullied or had difficulty learning but I had a lot of unresolved issues going into high school and I should've asked for help sooner. 

I wasn't the same careless, joyful kid that I was in middle school. There was a lot more pressure (mainly from myself) and I always felt like I wasn't good enough.

I don't want to taint your high school experience before you even begin, so if you keep reading I'm going to give some tips that I learnt first-hand during my high school experience, so that you (hopefully) have a better time than I did.

1. No one will actually remember you.

Okay, so this is quite a broad statement, but to some extent it's true. What I mean by this is that in the end, no one will remember what you wore, or that embarrassing moment you had in French class, or how bad you were at a particular sport. I finished high school a couple of months ago and I am already struggling to remember the names of half the people I came across during my time there. 

During your teenage years you become very conscious of what people think of you, and its almost impossible to turn that off. However, you can gradually become immune to this feeling, so much so that you don't really feel it anymore. 

To do this, you need to trust yourself completely. You need to trust that you have made the right decisions, that you have put together a great outfit for the day or that you have revised enough in order to ace that test.

2. Stop taking yourself so seriously.

I struggled with this point a lot during every aspect high school. As I said previously, I always put too much pressure on myself, to the point of me literally having a breakdown. 

I know now that it was not necessary and that if I was a more light-hearted person then I could have coped a hell of a lot better. At this age, it is really important that you take your education  seriously but it's also really important that you let loose and don't cling on to every negative embarrassing thing that has happened to you. At times you need to focus on yourself and do things that you enjoy. 

3. Don't revolve your life around school.

If you're like me and you end up not enjoying your time there, then you need to have other hobbies and activities that you do to take your mind of it. In other words, you need an escape from high school. 

This could be a sports club, a weekly movie night, cooking, baking or a night where you and your friends go out somewhere new once a week. By doing this, you're creating things to look forward to, so that you don't just become stuck in a cycle of going to school and back home again everyday.

4. Don't change for anyone.

If you like watching Doctor Who and the girl that sits next to you in English doesn't, then thats OK! 

There is nothing worse than becoming a clone of everyone else. I have seen so many kids completely change themselves in order to fit in with a particular group of people.

 Has it worked for them? Yes. 

Are they happy? Absolutely NOT! 

When you completely change yourself, you may become popular or well-liked, but after high school finishes, that is completely useless in the real world. You will loose parts of your identity until you become unrecognisable to your closest family members/friends and eventually even yourself. Stay true to yourself, have some self respect, and if someone criticises what you enjoy to do, ask yourself why do you even care?

5. My biggest regret: not telling enough people to f**k off!

Honestly, it's true, I wish I would have had the balls to tell people where to go, because at times I really got pushed to the limit and I wish I would have done something about it. 

However, you should not make a habit out of using this phrase because you don't want to get a bad reputation. But if someone is purposefully trying to piss you off and they won't relent no matter how many times you tell them politely, then sometimes it is more than necessary. 

Don't get me wrong, you don't have to be a Regina George in order to survive the high school experience, but every once in a while it's good to show people that you're not a push over and you're not one to be messed with!

I hope this will help you at that it shed light on some of the difficulties that you might face during high school. Feel free to email me if you have any other questions or if you need someone to talk to. 

Thanks for reading :)

Emski x

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What I Wish I Would've Known During High School
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