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What I Overcame

Law of Life

Most of us have faced big challenges and obstacles in life, and I’m sure that you struggled with them just like me. Difficult circumstances are unavoidable throughout everyday life, and how we handle them uncovers a more profound layer of our identity and what we think about most. The greatest part of those battles may have changed our identity or how we later moved toward life. Challenging circumstances take us past our consolation zone, trigger fears, and tensions, but moreover, have the control to end up moments of truth. In this light, challenges are the extreme muses for contemplation, advertising effective lessons around ourselves.

Growing up, I moved a lot as a kid going all the way to high school and so I didn’t have many friends to stick with. I grew up as the weird “different” kid or the boy that everyone asked if his sexuality was different from others. As I got older, it became worse… Every day I was bullied by someone who thought it would be funny to call me names or told everyone that I was gay, as if it was their way to show their humor to all of their friends. Sometimes, it wasn’t even being called names… I just had the worst feeling in my stomach when all the bullies were in a group looking and laughing at me as I walked by. I kept my head down and felt so dejected. I had always gotten bullied about my voice, clothing style, how I acted, and overall the type of people I normally had hung out with. People always seemed to say “Wow, you queer!” or “You look and act so gay!” When I always came into these situations, I always had something stick with as a motto: “Choices go better with confidence.”

I chose to stand up for myself one day and to show everyone I wasn’t scared with all the confidence I had, and it still ended up with me being shoved into a locker. But I learned that being confident was a great way for me to keep my head up and to think about how my future would go for me. I had always sat by myself at lunch or during playtime because the kids always made fun of me. I never went and told anyone that I was bullied. I always kept my emotions and predicaments to myself, so nobody else would have to hear all the inadequate things that others had said and done to me. I didn’t want to affect everyone else's good day with my situations and predicaments.

One day, I was talking to an astonishing teacher, and she had asked me if I was okay, and so I felt comfortable telling her what had gone on. She helped me through the rough patches I had during my school year. She stuck by my side and has helped me to be where I am today. My teacher told me that confidence always outshines the rest. It made me think about how others are different like me and are going through the same issues in life. I decided to help talk to other kids that had gone through the same struggles as me, with being bullied and I told them that when you’ve got the confidence, flaunt it.

You should stand up for yourself and others to prove that you can take all the challenges thrown your way. You should never give up on the things that you want in life because, in the end, you’ll be the one to show anyone who doubts you that you’ve got what it takes. Now as a senior in high school, I’ve worked my butt off to be where I am. I still use my motto: “Choices go better with confidence” to this day. I never thought I’d make it this far in school, but knowing that I can attain anything that I set my mind to, with the amount of confidence and work I put forth to be where I am now. Never let anyone tell you that you can’t do anything because, in the end, you can do it.

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What I Overcame
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