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What I Learned at My First Semester of College

A List of Things I Learned in the Past Few Months

1. All the bad things are easy to get.

It is true, and everyone knows it. Getting anything is easy: Alcohol, weed etc. I quickly made friends with people over 21 who always had some type of alcohol, so it is obvious what we did when we hung out. This point is not limited to only drugs. You have a boyfriend with his own room? Everyone knows what you guys are doing and no one bats an eye.

2. Scholarship money is not for decorations.

I got a good amount of cash after graduating high school from gifts, scholarships, and grad night prizes. First of all, I am not used to having that much money. I could not control myself. I bought posters, lights, clothes, food—anything I wanted. For a while, I figured I was safe because I had already bought the textbooks that I thought I needed. Turns out, after the first week of classes, I realized there were five more books I had to buy. There I was with no money left, calling my mom who also had just about no money.

3. You'll never regret studying.

In my major, like any other, there are a lot of topics I will have to remember for the rest of my life. I have also taken many tests and quizzes over them, but don't ask me to explain, because I truly don't know. I am glad for every time I actually studied and suffered because of all the times I did not.

4. A good way to make friends is to be in an organization.

I do marching band, and if it wasn't for that, I would not have any college friends. If you don't like making friends or being a part of something, that is fine. Personally, I don't necessarily try to make friends, it just happens because of band. With that said though, I am still extremely grateful for each friend I have made. Good people are everywhere, find you some to hangout with—maybe even study with.

5. If you enjoy someones company, let them know.

I cannot tell you how many people I do not talk to just because neither of us said how much we like each other. This applies to both friendships and partnerships. Personally, I will avoid putting time into a person who has not expressed that they care. Oftentimes a few months later, that same person asks why we stopped talking, and you know the story from there. My best friends are the ones who have told me how much they love me. On my part, I take every chance I can to tell someone they mean a lot to me. Yes, I have been either rejected or they didn't feel the same (he left me on opened), but it is much better than the feeling of them never knowing how you felt.

This specific lesson could have been learned at any point of my life. I include it in the list of what I learned in college because friendships at this point of life are so flimsy. The people you meet are from different places and will not stay here forever. I fear seeing them move thousands of miles away and never having the closeness I wanted.

6. Lastly, everyone is just as bad as you are.

If you feel bad for not studying, half the class didn't either. Feel like an alcoholic because you got wasted on a Wednesday night? I know future teachers who will get crossfaded on a Tuesday. Have a crush on three different guys and can't choose who to talk to? Just don't get an STD. I don't know a single person who is even close to innocent. You aren't a bad person just because you partied in the middle of the week.

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What I Learned at My First Semester of College
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