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What Ever Happened to the Days When Education Was A Good Thing?

The Falling of Education

Photo by sean Kong on Unsplash

There was once a time when learning was one of the most important subjects of life. These days it seems as though the kids have lost interest in education. The more important subjects seem to include things that have no learning involved at all. Do not get me wrong because when I was a kid there were times that it seemed more important to be with friends. In my case, I had the privilege of having both. These days it is more about games on the internet. Being sociable has even gone to the internet.

Getting to be sociable with someone on the internet is not the same as getting to know a person and meeting them in the real world. I will admit the fact that the people speaking are real people. There is a problem when the kids have lost interest in their own education. This is going to be something that in a later time of life they will regret. 

There will be a day in life when that education is going to be one of the most valuable things in life. When that time comes I think the main question that should be asked is where will the kids be?

Education covers all things in life. People would not even be able to talk if they had not received the education to do this. The problem is the importance of education is not expressed enough. The valid points of why we need the education are never fully made.

The schools should not be the only responsible people for the kid's education. Every single person should be stepping up to tell their tale as to why the education is so important. If everything is left up to the schools then it would not be the people raising their own children, It would be the schools being in charge of the kids. We are all responsible for what is left for the next generation of the kids coming after us.

Some tips to help get the kids interested in education have been named and are listed below:

  1. Everything should involve education including learning what comes next.
  2. All the importance thoughts of what education should be pointed out. For example, Education help with math and this subject is used in several different types of jobs. These jobs would involve measuring items or even jobs that handle money. 
  3. Kids like to keep things interesting and teachers in the past have used a great many ideas with games or another fun category in order to keep the kids interested. I am sure that we the people could do the same with new and fresher ideas.
  4. Explain how education is used in each person's job or life.

Of course, there are a great many ideas and I am sure that the readers of this article could even come up with their own important ways to get the children interested in education again. If you are unsure as to what to say then it never hurts to discuss the subject with some friends. Together with the schools, we can all get the kids back to being interested in education again. Let the video games and such things go back to being only meant as prizes or gifts.

Another thought to be considered is the fact that it is never too late for all of us to get more education if we want it. We could even study along with the children to show support for what they are doing. Discussing the thought of education with your kids could be a very big step to encourage them and lead them several steps forward.

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What Ever Happened to the Days When Education Was A Good Thing?
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