What Can You Expect from College?

And What You Can Do to Make It Easier

This is picture above is from the college that I recently graduated from.  As you can see from my profile, I recently graduated from this fine institution and yes, I do recommend Minnesota State University Mankato for those of you who are interested. Whether or not they have the courses you want, though, is up to you. I am merely sharing my thoughts on a college experience and what you should know. 

The First Week

If you're a first timer to college, yes, it will be a very nerve-wracking experience. For me, I took a "no guts, no glory" approach to college and just went right into it. When it comes to getting the books, that should be your top priority and you should make plenty of time for standing in line to purchase your books or even order them if they are not on the shelf.

Depending on your class times and days also affects your ability to survive the first week. For you first timers, you don't need to fret about how hard the first day of your first classes are. If they are longer than fifty minutes, like, say, almost three hours like it was for my Senior Seminar class, you'd probably be out in two.

When it comes to your first day of class, it's mostly introductions of yourself and the class; it gets dull for veteran students, but for us it's easy. Mostly discussing the rules of the class, zero tolerance for plagiarism and the assigned readings themselves along with the first assignments themselves. 

Midterms: If You Thought This Was Bad...

I also advise pacing yourself when it comes to your studies. You don't want to throw random words onto a paper and call it a success, you want to take time to edit your stuff many times over and check to see if you have what is relevant to your studies on your paper. It is also important that you finish what readings you have online and in your books, because keeping up is the most important thing you can do and not lose your head. 

Finals Week: ...Then You Haven't Experienced What Hard Is

The toughest week of them all. I recommend you get what sleep you can when you can and if you can avoid naps that would help, too, but don't drive yourself into a grave doing it; you'll accomplish nothing that way. I also recommend you give yourself three hours a day to get your work done, if not more, depending on how much you have or how fast of a typer you are, or even how much research you can get done.

I would usually spend half the day getting any research done, the other half actually typing up the research that was needed. I don't recall how much coffee I had drank or even whether or not I was able to lie down for a nap. During the finals in my final semester at Mankato, I had a five-page book essay, a twelve-page quiz answering only two questions, and a twenty-five-page assignment for my Senior Seminar class. When it came to pressure, trust me on what advice I am giving you here. 

No need to go insane from studying too hard — take some time off.

When it came to taking time off, I never passed up an opportunity to do so. I always looked for an excuse to play Heroes of the Storm on the many PC's that were on campus or to go down to the Bullpen (found in the lower level of the Centennial Student or CSU) where you can find all sorts of fun things such as bowling, billiards, karaoke on Thursdays, and video gaming consoles like XBOX One, PS4, Nintendo Wii and Switch. I did so much enjoy playing Battlefield 1 on the Xbox.

They also have Ostrander auditorium where you get a last chance to see movies before they hit DVD. Various cultural nights happen pretty much every Saturday and once a month they bring in pet therapy dogs to deal with the stress of student life. I loved this French Bulldog name Gizmo and this Golden Retriever named Bonnie; they were so funny and cute.

But for those of you who are Vikings fans, you will undoubtedly enjoy yourselves as well, for it has the Vikings training camp. Fun times indeed. I am certainly going to miss being at Mankato and I am certain that you the readers who may wish to attend such a fine University are going to enjoy yourselves very much. 

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