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Understanding the Purpose of Writing Is the First Requirement for Writing

What is the purpose of writing? To tell someone something? To influence them for something? To get more insight into something?

Whatever it is, "writing" is work, and most of us have an awkward relationship with it. But it doesn't have to be like that! Writing is performance—it hinders, it can be heavenly pleasure or it is a task. It can be related to feelings of guilt, shame, and deep and undetectable desires. These are big words.

Why do we write?

Language is the most important contact among people. This language has a level of accuracy that does not match body language, music, or visual arts. Other forms of expression can do something else, and in combination with one another and language, they can do more.

Language is the best way we have to communicate with each other, inform each other, influence each other, and tell each other whether we're good—or bad—ourselves.


The written language has special features that remain when time passes—and can move when you stay. So, the writing language that we use to maintain knowledge and messages, also moves them from one person to another. Think about the technical description of the building engineer to the carpenter or the insurance letter to the customer.

Why don't we write creatively?

The prerequisite for doing something really good is that you can see the purpose for itself—and that you feel like it. This always happens, and always will be the case. Is it important for the world that a girl gets a little better on gymnastics on the floor and others to play the piano every day? It is not; but it's all about one doing for themselves. Playing the piano is the path to greater concentration—and the ability to concentrate makes it better to play the piano. For the piano player, the clear goal is to practice several hours a day. Why do most students who have tried the writing process that made it natural for them develop writing technology—as natural as discovering cycling techniques?

They don't see the purpose in it.

Maybe they don't see the purpose in it—besides giving the teacher something to correct. Many styles, reports, and "essays" (whatever they are) have been broken for years with the words: "I don't know what to write—I don't know what he wants." Before they write, they must know what they need.

They may need help from a professional.

Seeking help does not have to be associated with what is called laziness. A student may have to struggle in a situation where he has to work on an essay assignment while he has to deal with other academic tasks. This is a situation that is quite difficult and not all students can handle it. For this reason, professional assistance is an option worthy of consideration. Professional help such as that found at Essay Shark does not always have to be associated with instant results. It can also be guidance or how a professional in writing provides a good example of how an essay should be written. This is a phenomenon in the academic world and every teacher or lecturer must be familiar with it. There is a lot of professional help to write and they are easily found on the internet. Just type in a few keywords and we can find them. Using professional help can be understood as long as the aim is to improve academic quality.

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Understanding the Purpose of Writing Is the First Requirement for Writing
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