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Touch Screen Desk

My Idea

Hello, my name is Joshua Roth and I have an idea that I believe will improve the way the school system is today. While it might not change the entire school system right away, it will be a start. See the image above? Imagine having all of that work confined into one place, and still having all of that room on your desk to put whatever you want on it. Putting all of the information that's scattered throughout your desktop on a computer/tablet that is built into the desk itself not only puts everything into place that is easily accessible, but leaves more room for other things.

Say you walk into class. What's the first thing you do? You walk over to your desk and sit down. Now, usually, the teacher or professor will have some sort of roll call to see who all is attending class. Wouldn't it be somewhat simpler to just sign yourself in? Let's say that when you sit down at your desk, you can just sign in there. How? Well, the desk would have a screen on it that you can touch with either your finger or a pen. Not only would it be used to sign you in, but you could also do classwork on it as well.  Now, keep in mind this is different than a tablet or a computer on a desk, not all computers are touch screens and not all tablets are compatible with a pencil. Not everything in class will be done on it as well, it would just be there to offer any accessories needed in class such as a calculator, a drawing board, any instructions needed can be loaded into it, etc. Another feature that could be of big use with this product, is that any student, whether they're shy or afraid of speaking aloud in some classes, could have the option of communicating and messaging the teacher through the desk. Having a touch screen built into the desk can provide so many different features and advancements in the school environment! While some can be as simple as signing into class, others can be classwork, interactive activities, feedback for other students, etc. 

The main use the schools will benefit from this product is the interactive aspect. Because the desks will be digital, more than likely each one will be connected to each other, which then leads to even more possibilities of use. Students can use the interactive part by pulling up other students' papers or other kinds of school work, revise their papers or work, and send it back to them right away. A huge way that students will benefit from the interactive part of it, is that the desk can provide countless amounts of options of activities that can get the whole class involved. As a student, I have always found it much better and productive to my education if the class does an activity together. It gets everyone's minds moving and constantly thinking about the subject being taught. Everybody would contribute, and it's all only inches away on their desk!

Of course, not everything will be digital. But, keep in mind this won't just be limited to schools as well. Corporations and other business offices can find use out of this as well, it can be of use if you have an office in your own house and work from home, and even more! Having the information and data needed to be loaded right on the desk, meaning no one need to carry around a laptop to the meetings anymore, which would lead to less wear and tear on your laptop. 

Please let me know what you think of it and any feedback is appreciated! Thank you for reading!

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Touch Screen Desk
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