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Top 5 Websites and Apps for High School Students

When assigned homework, do you find yourself stuck and confused? Here are some helpful resources!

1. Sparknotes

Sparknotes is a website and app under the education category, similar to the other resources below. Sparknotes is an app strictly based on English, meaning books and readings. This is useful for students who: need a summary of a section, missed a chapter of a book in class, isn’t able to remember certain characters, and etc. The Sparknotes app and website are both free too! I highly suggest students to take advantage of this resource if they’re looking to get the most insight, understanding, and ideas out of their recent reads. Sparknotes can also come in handy for students writing book reports and or essays on any topic within the book.

2. Brainly

Brainly is also an app and website. Brainly is free to everyone as long as they’re open to advertisements every so often, if not, there is an option to buying a membership up to a years length. Brainly is useful for every subject, from english to mathematics, even biology! How this works is a student may post a question onto the website and the question will be answered and or explained by other students. When the question is answered and explained, students can rate the answer and explanation out of five stars. Answers and explanations that are closest to five stars are considered “Brainliest," which is extremely useful for students looking for accuracy.

3. Quizlet

Quizlet is very unique compared to the other websites and apps listed. Quizlet is unique because you are able to create “folders” for specific classes in which other students from your class can access and quiz themselves off of your created quizzes and digital flashcards. This is also an app and website that is completely free to the user and student! This is most definitely a resource any student could take advantage of, especially because after your set is created, you can quiz yourself. Students can also interact with each other through this, meaning each student can “follow” a user that frequently posts their practice quizzes and digital flashcards. 

4. Mathway

Mathway, alike the other resources listed above, is both an app, website and free to the user or student. Mathway is very different from the other apps and websites because of the fact it is made for strictly Mathematical problems and or equations. On Mathway, you enter your mathematical problem or equation, the type of problem or equation, and what segment of mathematics it falls under. Once you’ve hit “send” you are responded to with step by step explanations and answers to the problem or equation you had entered.

5. Photomath

Photomath is unlike any of these other websites and apps for a few reasons. Photomath is only an application/app. This is still similar to other resources because it is also free. Although Photomath is specifically an application/app for mathematical equations and not a website as well, it is still very unique. Users are given the ability and option to scan mathematical equations with their phone camera. It is still possible to manually type the equation or problem into the calculator which is quite the plus. Like Mathway, Photomath provides explanations and answers to a variety of types of mathematical equations.

Learning made convenient!

I personally suggest and recommend every one of these websites, although, always ask your teacher for help first. If you personally feel your teacher is not explaining the material in a way you can completely soak in and or understand, that is okay. These resources are here for students to learn, understand, and have confidence in schoolwork. Remember, trying and being wrong will always overpower an excuse. 

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Top 5 Websites and Apps for High School Students
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