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Top 10 College Movies

The Best Movies to Watch in College

Most people can agree that college is a crazy and fun time in life! So, not surprisingly, there are a number of films that depict college life. These films are great to watch if you are in college and can relate to them, or if you are headed to college and are looking for a glimpse of what it is like. They may not be the most accurate depictions of college, but their humor, drama, and inspiration still make them worth the watch!

1. 'Rudy'

If you like inspirational sports movies, you'll love Rudy! This is a story about hard work, commitment, and passion. It follows Rudy as he works to achieve his dream of playing football for Notre Dame. The only problem is, he can't get into Notre Dame, and he is not the best athlete. In the end, however, he is rewarded for his hard work and passion. If you are attending Notre Dame, be sure to give Rudy a watch, and if not, give it a watch anyway!

2. 'Legally Blonde'

Not only is Legally Blonde funny, it also ends with a very inspiring message! While it begins with the protagonist, Elle Woods, trying to win back her ex-boyfriend, it ends with her realizing that she is incredibly smart and does not need him to succeed. If you're going to law school, or if you're looking to join a sorority, this might be a fun film for you!

3. 'The Graduate'

This one is a bit more serious and dramatic, but a classic film, nonetheless. It begins with Benjamin, the protagonist, arriving back at home after graduating from college. He is stuck in the in-between phase of life, having just graduated, but not having any plans for his future. Then, things get complicate when he starts having an affair with an older woman. And things get even more complicated when her daughter gets involved.

4. 'The Computer Wore Tennis Shoes'

Now for a great film you have probably never heard of! The Computer Wore Tennis Shoes is a hilarious movie from the sixties about a college student who gets electrocuted by a computer and has all of the information from the computer transfer into his brain. It may not be the most accurate depiction of college life, but it's still a funny watch!

5. 'Animal House'

This classic comedy film is basically an exaggeration of fraternity culture. Be warned that it is solidly R-rated! It follows a group of crazy fraternity boys who live in the animal house and the shenanigans they get into. They are more concerned with partying than with grades, which ends up getting them into trouble. While it is an exaggeration of college life, it does include some accurate elements.

6. 'Revenge of the Nerds'

Here is another funny college movie, about a group of "nerds" who are kicked out of their dorm by a group of fraternity boys who destroyed their fraternity house. The nerds are not too happy about this and end up playing a series of pranks on the fraternity boys to get revenge!

7. 'The Social Network'

The Social Network tells the true story of Mark Zuckerberg's time in college when he created Facebook. The beginning half of the movie portrays college life with surprising accuracy. Mark Zuckerberg creates Facebook in his dorm room with the help of his college friends. The film is also interesting as a historical piece, as Facebook has had a huge impact on the world since its creation.

8. 'Real Genius'

Another comedy film, Real Genius follows a 17-year-old who gets admitted to college early. The school is very science oriented, and things get complicated when it turns out that the school is secretly using its students to help build a nuclear weapon. When the students find out, they have to figure out how to put a stop to it. It is not the most accurate depiction of college, but it is definitely a funny watch!

9. 'Drumline'

This film follows a drummer, Devon, who goes to college and joins his school's drumline team. He attends competitions and festivals with the team, and along the way, he makes friends, joins a fraternity, and learns about himself. This movie shows a side of college that is more focused on friendships and relationships.

10. 'Dear White People'

On a more serious note, Dear White People focuses on the experience of a group of African American students at a white majority college. This film is one of the few that does not romanticize college, making it more relevant in today's culture.

These are our top picks of college films. If you're headed off to college, give them a watch!