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Tips for High School Seniors/Incoming College Students

It’s the best time of your life.

As I begin my journey as a freshman in college, it’s hard to believe that I was just starting as a senior in high school a year ago and that I graduated a few months ago. I thought of a few tips that could help seniors in high school succeed and live their best lives and to set themselves up for success before they have to face the real world, because it’s not all fun and games after high school.

Make the most of your time.

You’re only a senior in high school once right?? You have bragging rights and are totally able to show that off!! Buy shirts that say “Class of ....” on them and wear them around proudly! Almost every day I would say something to my younger friends about graduation. But this is your time, and you only get nine months to brag about it, so do it. 

Don’t think it’ll last forever.

It seemed like graduation could not come any slower. I had a countdown on my phone, and I looked at it every day, and it never seemed to be too exciting until the last ten days of the school year or so. Then eventually graduation came and went. And then it seemed like college couldn’t come slower. But here I am now, moved into college. It still doesn’t feel real. Senior year seems like so long ago already, even though it’s only been a few months. Don’t take the amount of time you have for granted because before you know it, you’ll be 35 years old, married with two kids and a dog. So like, make the most of your time. 

Don’t expect your friendships to stay the same.

This is a huge one. Everyone thinks that all of their friends are going to stick by their side through senior year, and they’ll graduate together and it’ll be perfect like it is in the movies. If this happens to you, good for you. Most people I’ve seen through senior year end up dropping most of their friends for many different reasons and finding new ones. For example, I lost a few friends but also gained a few. No hard feelings, just a change in heart. 

Don’t wait until after graduation to do something.

Alright this is the topic you’re avoiding, I know. But here’s an example of what not to do. I had a toxic friendship through middle and high school that I should have stopped wayyyy before I did. But I didn’t. I waited until a week or two after graduation. Save yourself and the other person some time and just tell people how you feel. Be up front and just let them know. Because we’re all almost adults here, the petty high school drama thing is not gonna cut it once high school is over because if you bring that to college, oh honey, it’s over for you. Also, this works for relationships too! Shoot your shot. Don’t wait until you can never see each other again to tell someone how you feel, you never know what will come out of it. 

If you plan on going to college, apply ASAP!!!!

I think I applied to college the first month into senior year. Seriously, this is critical. The faster you apply, the faster they will get back to you, and the faster you make your decision. It’s that simple. Get help from the office or your guidance counselor if needed, but get all college stuff out of the way while you can!! Towards the end of senior year you’ll be drowning in work and responsibilities and events so it will be too much to worry about, so do it now!!! If you wait, you may forget about it or you may procrastinate too long and miss deadlines, so do it while you have free time!!

Apply to more than one college.

We all have that fantasy dream school that we dream of going to right?? Well, apply to it!! But don’t just apply to that one school. Why? Well, things can happen. You could not get accepted, you can not get a good financial offer, you could change your mind, and sometimes things just don’t work out the way you want. By applying to many colleges, you have options so that way you don’t have to settle for one that you kinda like but low key don’t like because what’s worse than that??

Buy college supplies in advance!!!

This is the best life hack ever. Personally, I had a job and I got paid about $400 every two weeks. I would pay my bills and pay for gas, then I would take maybe $50–$100 every two weeks and spend it on essential college stuff. I got things little by little (starting the beginning of senior year) so that way I wouldn’t be so pressured when college got closer. Also, it seems like you don’t spend as much money as you would if you bought it all at once!! It can be overwhelming to spend all that money at once, so plan it out and start early. 

Just have a good time.

Be in clubs, go to events, make the most of spirit week and Halloween, dress up crazily for Christmas, buy your best friend or S.O. chocolates and flowers on Valentine’s Day, eat lunch with all your friends, go to parties, have sleepovers, stay up late on school nights. Just live it up because this is the last time you’ll get to see all these people together in the same place ever again. This is the last time you can live it up without too many responsibilities. These are the last days you get to live with your family and live across town from your friends. So make the most of it.

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Tips for High School Seniors/Incoming College Students
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