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The Little Things in Life...

For example, almost everyone in high school lives a carefree life with barely any worries in the world other than trying to pass the next quarter.

My Problems, My Life...

Hi, my name is Tyler, I'm gonna give a brief explanation of my life that will later follow into a whole story of the things I deal with in my life. Since graduating high school, life as really smacked me in the face without even giving me a heads up. I never knew that you really had to work for the things you want if you want them or need them. For example, almost everyone in high school lives a carefree life with barely any worries in the world other than trying to pass the next quarter. Me and my friends would fuck around and cheat off of each other while pretty much letting the one friend do all the work and getting full credit for it. Those were the days me and my friends still latch onto, while constantly reminding each other of stupid funny memories we had in class. I can remember this one teacher I had named Mr. Reinard who would teach all the science classes along with another teacher we had named Mrs. Flanagan; I'll get to her later. Anyway Mr. Reinard was a soft-spoken man who really never put his foot down when it came to getting the class under control, he would often get made fun off cause he was heavy set, students even assumed he was gay for the hand gestures he made and the way he spoke. Mostly, no one cared, but it just happened that a friend of mine found him on a gay dating app and of course, that got around like wildfire. Even some of the students would go up to him and ask if he was gay, which I thought was funny as hell, but of course, he found it to be an invasion of privacy and got offended for even being asked. But this one particular time when he was teaching, a girl in our class had her phone out and sat in the first row near the whiteboard and Mr. Reinar, of course, scolded her. 

He then said, "It's very distracting to have your phone out while I'm trying to teach." 

She then said that, "Your stomach is distracting," and I quote, "Put that thing way."

I tell you now that the whole class busted out laughing, including myself. He got so red and told her to meet her after class, you all know what happened afterward. That shit still sticks with me and always reminds me of what being carefree and usually happy means. The little things in a young person's life are what brings joy to you later down in life. 

Until next time, Caso Cerrado!

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The Little Things in Life...
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