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The Life of a University Commuter

Live it vicariously through me.

Early Mornings

We all enjoy sleeping in on the weekends and going out late at night for a quick drink with your mates, but when the deafening alarms hit at 6 AM … You know it’s time. As a commuter we can’t enjoy sleeping in because we have to prepare and get ourselves ready to hit the door to catch our bus/train whatever—as it costs us £9250 a year. It definitely is a motivating factors to get our ass out ASAP.

Oops I did it again.

You remember those times when you'd forget your phone in secondary school, but it wasn’t a big deal. Well as a commuter it totally sucks because you need it for everything (timetables, travel times). You can’t exactly go back and collect it when you’re already in a different city. It’s difficult but you learn to not do it next time. One point to organisational skills!

Making New Friends

Ahhh … Socialising. We all want to just bury our heads into our phones but when that one assignment arrives in where we have to ACTUALLY COMMUNICATE, our palms become sweaty, our heartbeat increases. Our eyes scan the room to find someone we recognise or spoke to in the past 20 minutes to budge in and ask to join their group. It’s always hard making new friends when you live in a different city, but sometimes you have to put the effort in.

That Spare Time In-Between Lectures

Now I have witnessed this myself plenty of times, and what I use to do was go into the university library, find the quietest corner, eat my lunch and watch Breaking Bad. It’s not the worst but very unsociable, but as time has passed I have met some lovely friends who live on campus. They let me into their kitchens to chill out for the next hour or two. Unlike them we can’t hit the bed so we have to keep ourselves awake with the Costa coffee opposite their flat.

It's not all doom and gloom.

University time is meant to be one of the best experiences in life and commuting can make it really hard, but it doesn’t stop us from making new friends and enjoying ourselves. It comes with plenty of highs such as becoming more independent, staying close to family, hanging out with old friends, being in your own bedroom undisturbed, most importantly we get to save a lot of money and be able to spend it on whatever!

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The Life of a University Commuter
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