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Scarlett Aylen24 days ago
The Boy with No Opportunity
It broke my heart. A 13 year old. So intelligent and full of inquisitive questions. This boy, however, he was not going to fulfil his obvious shining potential. Why? He lives in Ghana. A place where h...
Amanda Smeltzer2 months ago
The Beauty in Questioning
For the past two weeks of my summer, I had the opportunity to fly to Laos, a country on the other side of the world in Southeast Asia. I was a volunteer in a village called Sop Chem, or better known a...
maya hall2 months ago
Exchange Student's Life in Vancouver
After extensive research on what it is like to live as an exchange student in Vancouver, I came to the conclusion that surprisingly, given that we are in the social media era, not many secondary stude...
MrPie 2 months ago
Why Learn a New Language
Around 983 Billion people on Earth speak English. More people speak English as their second language, than native speakers, so the number of English speakers account for around 20 percent of the popul...
Mikkie Mills2 months ago
Opportunities to Study Abroad in Law School
Whatever your situation, studying abroad in law school leads to wonderful discoveries.
Alex Taillie3 months ago
ITC—International Travelers Club
ITC was started in 2014 with the intention of providing students in the Memphis community a chance to see what else the world has to offer. I started it after working in an inner city school that only...
Flora Mayer3 months ago
How Studying Abroad Can Benefit Your Career
Statistics show that American universities and colleges have a collective international students’ population of more than a million. On the flip side, thousands of American students are relocating abr...
Bekah Boudreau7 months ago
Stuck in the Endless Cycle of Normality
From a young age, I had various pictures of what post-secondary life would look like for me, and it usually included the surreal expectations of not taking a gap year and only going to University. Whe...
An Tran8 months ago
Everything I Have and Everything I Am
So far, I have been in Japan and teaching English for about two months, and it has had its ups and downs. Usually, there are moderate downs and very high ups. However, there is one personal issue that...
Linda Mayaba8 months ago
On the day that Nqobile left for college, her mother hugged her. Nqobile’s mother—a petite woman with a stern face, aimed straight at her daughter’s petite body, with arms wide open. It was an awkward...
Courtney Gowland9 months ago
So You've Decided You Want to Apply for Study Abroad? Check out My Best Tips for Applications
Okay, so wherever you want to go, you always have to write an application for your university explaining why you would be a good candidate to study abroad and why they should accept your application. Here are my tips for what makes a good application.
Aimee Jones9 months ago
The University of Life
As a 21-year-old female living in rural England, growing up I had the same ideals drilled into me much like most other people my age: You go to school, get good grades, attend university, get a job an...
An Tran9 months ago
My Second First Day of School
Currently, I primarily work at one middle school and am on a rotation of elementary schools every Thursday. This Thursday, I went to Ise Elementary School for the first time, and it was absolutely ama...
Blake O'Connor9 months ago
10 Best Education Systems in the World
A basic desire for parents is that their children will do better than they did in life. One of the most commonly held assumptions to do that is for them to get a top-class education, and the world wil...
Mimo le Singea year ago
Are Family Trips During School Days a Good Idea?
I remember coming across an article on this very topic a few years back, and it really got me thinking about this interesting shift in family values relative to educational values. While I'm no expert...
Reasons Why Learning Languages Is Essential
There are many reasons why people should learn languages, but here are those I consider to be the most important:
Lizzie Boylea year ago
Part I: Is There Still an American Dream?
I had just finished my first year of graduate school in a small, college town in Southeast Alabama. I had never lived in such a small town and I was more than ready to leave. My brother, a fresh gradu...
E DMa year ago
Exchange Semester Abroad vs Internship Abroad: What Is Best for Your Career?
An exchange semester abroad or an internship abroad, what is best for my career? I get this question quite frequently from people my age (20-25). I have been very fortunate to be able to experience bo...