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Steve Llano2 days ago
Questions About Online Teaching
A campus is an extremely important element of college pedagogy. We don't consider everything that it does for us when we are there. Our classroom pedagogy is reliant, dependent, and influenced deeply by the walk to our classrooms, the experience of the dorm and cafeteria, and the feeling of the hallways. Many of us think about our classrooms as little islands that we control and have the responsibility for crafting a pleasant, productive environment where learning can happen. But how much of tha...
Skyler Sneathen7 days ago
Why I Dropped Out of Becoming a History Teacher
The year was 2008, I was in college and the first black U.S. President was just elected. I had no real direction in college at the time, just taking general classes. The victory of President Obama was...
Indy Summers12 days ago
How Teachers Can Stay Motivated When Days Are Hard
If you are a teacher, it can be exhausting to keep teaching students. Teaching is a very noble profession, but many people do not realize the challenges that come with the profession. There can be day...
Louisa Jane14 days ago
Creative Approaches to the Curriculum
There are many methods within schools today that work to further facilitate pupil progress and maintain engagement and the motivation to learn. Though it has come far from the traditional schoolrooms ...
Dodging the Ball
Sometimes there were fights at school, like the time when I was eight and had gotten into a fight with Cynthia Thomas. She had my cheek caught between her teeth, biting down hard. Fortunately, I knew ...
Jade Pulman19 days ago
How Teachers Can Further Their Education
Teachers are required to never stop learning. They need to complete several continuing education courses to further their teaching practices and increase their knowledge. These are three ways that tea...
Steve Llano19 days ago
The Lonely Classroom
It's August. I'm in that mode of excitement mixed with anxiety as I start to prepare to teach. This often involves gathering up a lot of scraps of paper, things I've saved into MS OneNote and Google K...
Michelle Rebeccaa month ago
How to Speak to School Teachers So that You Can See What You Need for Your Kid
Every child has had one: the teacher who just won’t play nice. Sometimes it’s an older teacher who’s just done like last Thanksgiving’s turkey. Sometimes they love the girls, and you have an ADHD boy....
Alice Hallsa month ago
Instructional Technology
According to the Association for Educational Communication and Technology, institutional technology is the theory and practice of design, development, utilization, management, and evaluation of proces...
Damien Justusa month ago
Are You a Teacher? Best Ways to Stay Organized
Teachers are often underappreciated. They put in a lot of effort to provide a great learning experience for children that are in their classroom each year. They can have very hectic schedules, and it ...
Marci Brodocka month ago
High-Vibe Teaching
Most educators today are familiar with or have actively engaged in the teachings of Carol Dweck's Mindset. There are so many facets to her research, but the power of the word "yet" is one of the main ...
Alexana Carter2 months ago
What Teaching Taught Me About Communicating
I spent the 2018-19 school year as a Special Education Instructional Aide. While not having all the duties of a teacher, I learned a lot about the kind of teacher I want to be. I learned what works fo...
Katie Hall2 months ago
3 Reasons Teachers Are Leaving the Profession
The reasons might surprise you.
Marci Brodock2 months ago
The Power of Student Reflection
I am an education junkie. I am constantly reading education blogs and listening to education podcasts. The moment I am faced with an obstacle regarding students or contents, I jump over to Google or P...
Mikkie Mills2 months ago
Top 5 Reasons Why Teaching English Is So Important
Ever Considered Teaching English? Read About It here!
Isla Wright2 months ago
Top Teacher Tips for Organizing a Large Class
These numbers vary and depend on the age of the students, but an estimated optimum number would be somewhere between 15 and 25 students. However, having a classroom with 30 students or more is nothing...
Alina Gallupe2 months ago
End of the Year Activities for Kids
Termination can be a difficult time for both clients and counselors or teachers. Students can react to endings in a variety of ways that can often be unpredictable and really different from their usua...
Louisa Jane3 months ago
Educated Out of Creativity
I went to university with the concrete plan that I was going to train to be a primary school teacher, something I'd wanted to do since I was fourteen. The course was four years long and would give me ...