From balancing your course load to forging relationships with classmates to extracurricular involvement, these are the tried and true methods to nail your career as a student.

Anastasia Stead2 months ago
An Open Letter to All Educators in the United States and Beyond
Dear Educators of the World, I recently read a news article about a mother going into a school in South Carolina classroom and confronting the kids in there for bullying her son. I don't blame her. If...
Tiffany Harper2 months ago
The Most Common Barriers to Learning and How to Overcome Them
With the advent of smart devices, the popularity of social media, and even generally the interference of the World Wide Web, we realize that we are no longer living in the simpler times that prevailed...
Ben W2 months ago
Mastering the Comma
The Comma (,) is an integral part of any English language sentence and while it may not come up all the time, it is likely to come up in many of your sentences, especially if they are longer than 10 w...
Flame On2 months ago
26,000 Homeless Children from Syria in Istanbul
With 26,000 Syrian Refugees struggling to live in Istanbul, we want to give these children an opportunity to build a better life.
Manoj Rawat2 months ago
Top 5 Benefits of Playing Memory Games for Kids
Even if they don’t know it at the time, kids enjoy practicing their memory and recognition skills while playing fun online games. In fact, today, more schools are incorporating interactive memory game...
Holly Rutherford2 months ago
Recapping My Freshman Year of College: What It's Really Like
Not to be that person, but I would like to pat myself on the back for surviving the ever-daunting first year of college. Freshman year of college is a time of self-discovery, growth, and learning to b...
Imani Tahira2 months ago
10 Things You Should Know About the Brain
Scholarly Journal: Imani Tahira, 2017. #brainbasedlearning #education #informalwriting #research
David Wyld2 months ago
The Library Is Changing at the Speed of Google
The university library. For those of us of a certain age, many, many an hour was spent there. When we walked uphill through the snow - both ways, of course - to do research, there was simply no altern...
Linda S.2 months ago
Narrative Essay: All You Need to Know
Writing narrative essays requires you to ensure that a fixed set of points are covered. The main point of the essay needs to be mentioned in the opening sentence, and the body of the essay should be a...
Liz A. 2 months ago
Great Graduation Gifts
They worked hard for four years and now it’s time to celebrate their accomplishments. Here are some great ideas for graduation gifts:
Ross Geller2 months ago
Why Brain Games Are Good for Kids
Brain games for kids are essential as a parenting toolkit and a vital aspect in child development. They are a perfect tool for filling time when they are on waiting time or when you want to give them ...
Adam Kelly2 months ago
Reviving the Reader in Us
In 2016, Statista reported that 2.1 billion people in the world are smartphone users. This number should increase to 36 percent of the world’s population since last year. With easy access to the inter...
Hino2 months ago
What's Next?
It’s my senior year, and you can see the excitement on everyone's faces. Graduation is right around the corner, and all I hear people talking about is what university or college they’ll be attending. ...
Catherine Powell3 months ago
Ways to Make the Education System Better
Politicians desperately need to put more money into the education system. Without money for education, kids lack the education they need to survive in the real world as adults. More teachers need to b...
Mikkie Mills3 months ago
What to Do After You've Graduated College
Graduating college is truly a dream come true. Whether it has taken you longer than the traditional 4 years or you are an overachiever and graduated in less than 4 years it is still a special time of ...
Jessie White3 months ago
Kids and Summer Slide
Every year a handoff from teacher to parent leaves a child with a powerful chance. They can either play their parents and teachers as fools or they can continue learning. Most kids want to laze away s...
Margaret Minnicks3 months ago
Scripps National Spelling Bee Has Eight Champions
If you have been watching the Scripps National Spelling Bee over the years, you know that it is usually one person who is declared the winner. There were co-champions in 1950, 1957, 1962, 2014, 2015, ...
Lorraine Woiak3 months ago
The Death of Art and Music
Music and art are important in almost every aspect of life—even if you don't realize it. Advertisements, movies, radio, children's toys, architecture, clothing—the arts are everywhere. So if they are ...