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Product reviews for those who yearn to learn; a breakdown of the best back-to-school supplies, test prep manuals, online study tools and other resources for students and teachers alike.

Sasha Konikovo4 months ago
10 Tools to Improve Your Writing and Editing Abilities
Writing is a skill that everyone needs, even if they are trying to get a career in something completely different. It's a skill that allows you to communicate with others, put your best foot forward, ...
Becky Oberg4 months ago
The Ten Best Free Foreign Language Apps
Simply open the app store on your smartphone and type “free (target language) app,” and you’re bound to get a lengthy list. Even obscure languages have their own apps; I’ve seen them for languages I’v...
Lorraine Woiak4 months ago
Whether you are a long distance student or are taking some online courses, there are multiple options for proctored exams. The rules on who can be your proctor are most likely listed on your school we...
Lorraine Woiak7 months ago
ALEKS: The Worst Online Learning Program
I was first introduced to ALEKS my freshman year of college. Like most first years, I had to take College Algebra as a general education credit and a prerequisite for many other courses. This year, my...
Jennifer Violet8 months ago
10 Best Apps to Use With Google Classroom
Google Classroom is essentially the future of teaching. It’s a free web service developed by Google for schools that’s dedicated to simplify creating, distributing, and even grading assignments throug...
Riley Raul Reese8 months ago
Best Apps For College Students
College is definitely one of the most unusual times of your life. It's a time when you find out who you are, you learn the lessons that will carry you into the professional world, and you also end up ...
Sugar CreekWriter8 months ago
Learn Graphic Design Without College (or Debt)
Skillshare is an online learning community aimed at graphic designers, techies and artists. There are thousands of classes available for you to take and each one guides you through, step-by-step in th...
George Nekilan9 months ago
Best Apps for Teachers in 2018 to Download
Technology has drastically evolved over just a few years and not only are businesses and companies taking advantage of it, but technology has even increased learnability in both students and teachers....
Jacqueline Hanikeh10 months ago
Best Laptop Bags Every Student Needs
If you're bringing your laptop to class, are you carrying it by hand? Laptops are too expensive and precious to simply carry by hand, because if you happen to suddenly drop it... I can't promise you t...
Kelsey Lange10 months ago
Thoughtful Gifts for Teachers
Whether your child is in school or you want to show your own teachers some appreciation, the holidays are the perfect time to do so. With them just around the corner, this gift guide of thoughtful gif...
Cato Conroya year ago
Best Educational Podcasts That’ll Make You Smarter
Podcasts are amazing tools, and they're bringing back the ancient art of classic radio. Depending on which podcast you choose, you can listen to hours of great music, riveting stories, or learn brand ...