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How tos for the learners and the learned; tips and tricks to help you study effectively, survive your school years, impress your teachers and more.

Holly M10 months ago
How To Learn a Language With Duolingo
Duolingo is a free language learning app that's very popular nowadays. As the majority of the world speaks more than one language, it has become an interest for many English monolinguals. The concept ...
Lilliana Backman10 months ago
How to Find and Apply for College Scholarships
The second started applying to colleges back in high school, my first thought was how was I going to apply for scholarships. My friends were starting to get a bunch of scholarships that either covered...
Mayapee Chowdhury10 months ago
Take Control of Exam Stress by Prioritising!
It is that time of year when exams are at full peak. For various different reasons, this is a time of high stress, for both students and parents. These exams can determine the next stage of someone's ...
C.C. Curtis10 months ago
10 Tips for Studying for the GRE
Once you get your bachelor's degree, you're not done with school just yet if you intend on going to grad school. Along with knowing the 10 tips for graduate school, you should know that most graduate ...
Anezka Smidlova10 months ago
How to Write a Thesis Step by Step (Part 2)
Writing a thesis is one of the most demanding jobs you will ever have to do and for many people, it is a nightmare. But it doesn't have to be. All you need to do is divide your workload into smaller, ...
Ben Wa year ago
Mastering Prepositions of Time
In other blog entries, we covered the general topic of "prepositions" and then we broke it down even further by highlighting certain "prepositions of place." For this post, I am going to focus on the ...
Shelby Dosdosa year ago
Revision Tips
Mainly for Those Doing GCSE/A-Level
Anezka Smidlovaa year ago
How to Write a Thesis Step by Step (Part 1)
Writing your thesis is one of the last tasks you need to undertake in order to get your degree. In most cases, it is also the hardest one, and something many people fear. There is no doubt that the ta...
Ariana Seanora year ago
From Everything to Nothing
The Stress and the Bliss
Kelsey Langea year ago
The Ultimate Guide to Taking Notes in College & Everything You Need
My freshman year of college, I quickly learned that attending a university is much different than high school. The fast pace of classes and the necessary study time quickly overwhelmed me. But instead...
Skyler Jacka year ago
Prepping for College 101
When I was first leaving the nest and going off to live on my own, I was both nervous and excited. You get to branch out, take some responsibility for yourself, and learn plenty of new things. I moved...
Pinar Melisa year ago
Exam Stress and ADHD
As the month of May slowly brings doom upon us, us guys with ADHD probably started to think of ways to procrastinate revision for your exams a good few months back...but then procrastinated finding wa...
Roger Philmorea year ago
How to Get Into an MBA Program Without Taking the GMAT
The GMAT acts as a stumbling block for professionals who want to pursue an MBA online. Many universities and business schools require prospective students to take the GMAT to enroll in their online MB...
How to Overcome Learning Gaps With Video Lessons
Enhance productivity in the learning process by using effective approaches to education.
Emery Ravenwooda year ago
One Draft, Two Draft; Old Draft, New Draft
Drafting. Normal people hate it, and I say "normal people" because I've only met one person in my entire life who actually liked editing rough drafts for other people. She was kind-of out there. Don't...
Carol Wilsona year ago
How to Become a Nurse Educator
Nurse educators are experienced nurses with a strong clinical background who train and educate budding nurses. Even if a few nurses prefer to continue giving medical assistance to other professionals ...
Joe Chesshera year ago
Student Leadership #002
The Art of The Debate…Joes Way Your game plan for how you debate is going to be influenced by many factors one of which will be how much opposition you face, if you face little opposition, it will be ...
Effectively Researching for University
When you're at university, you can sometimes feel a little overwhelmed by the amount of information thrown at you in lectures. You'll be taking different classes, some lecturers will cover several imp...