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How tos for the learners and the learned; tips and tricks to help you study effectively, survive your school years, impress your teachers and more.

Alice McCutcheon8 months ago
How to Keep Motivated
This post I'm writing is about Motivation, a word that many people associate with different things, normally in regards to when it's needed. Exams, reviews, job stress to even general procrastination-...
Bethany Ashlyn8 months ago
7 Effective Tips for Your Morning Routine Before School
It is that time of year again that some of us are excited, while others are filled with complete dread. School zones are now in effect and stores are flooded with shoppers preparing for the upcoming s...
Evie Galvin8 months ago
Staying Organized at School and in Everyday Life
To some, the thought of staying organised is pretty simple and even a little fun if we really admitted it, but, for many, staying organised is a chore that requires effort that leaves them with a hear...
Faith O8 months ago
The Highs and Lows of Language Learning
My language learning journey started many, many years ago. It all started with the help of two unlikely characters. Let me introduce them to you -
E.A. Forster8 months ago
Writing Tips
As soon as we start writing, we're told all sorts of rules on the do's and don'ts of writing. The problem is, a lot of those rules are really limiting, especially if you're just a kid trying to write ...
RachelMorgan 8 months ago
The Do's and Don'ts of Note-Taking
It's getting to be that time of year again. Binders, paper, pens, notebooks, etc.—all on sale. But back-to-school is also a good time to start establishing techniques to help your academic self succee...
How to Write an Essay
Writing an essay or even just a paper for any class can be a challenge, a lot of times it’s hard to just figure out where to start. Here’s my guide on how to achieve a grade ‘A’ essay.
How to Get an A in Anatomy and Physiology
Anatomy and Physiology is one of those classes that almost any science major or anyone on track to the healthcare field or just anyone interested in the body and how it works will want to/have to take...
Mars A.M.9 months ago
How to Read a Book
If you're like me, you have no idea how to finish a supposed page-turner. I will be honest, if I am filling out an Instagram survey (this should already clue you into how I waste my time) that asks me...
Morgan E. Westling9 months ago
Best Study Tips for Auditory Learners
Auditory learners retain information most easily by hearing and repeating things, unlike verbal learners. There are many different types of learning styles out there, but with auditory learning, certa...
Hannah Amiee9 months ago
Studying From Home
I am an Open University student and have just successfully completed my first year of distance learning. Although I am satisfied with my grade, a lot of mistakes were made to get it. I don't claim to ...
Sam Smith9 months ago
5 Ways to Survive School with a Chronic Illness
Chronic illnesses can affect people at any age, from the young to the elderly. This can be problematic in high school and college when symptoms can get in the way of schoolwork. Here are tips to survi...
Best Study Tips for Verbal Learners
In the pursuit of education, many students struggle to find their stride simply because they don't have a firm grasp on their own learning style. Sadly, this often leads to a disdain for education tha...
Ben W10 months ago
How to Write the Perfect Essay
In order to become an excellent English writer, it's very important to have the structure in place if you want to write a good essay. Firstly, you are going to want to make sure that you start with a ...
Ossiana Tepfenhart10 months ago
The Ultimate Guide to Saving Money on College Textbooks
I really, truly believe that college has become a form of highway robbery. As much as we're told "you need college to succeed," we also need college to be affordable. I'm all for free education and st...
Shannon Humphrey10 months ago
3 Steps to Get Your Child a Bachelor's Degree by 12th Grade
Want to save college debt for you and your child? Read this article to find out how.
April Lucas10 months ago
How to Survive Exams
Last week I had the finals (I'm really hoping for the best) and I was so nervous. Before the exam, so many people gave me advices - some of them really good. And I discovered some interesting things. ...
Journey Scribe10 months ago
Essays Made Simple
"I expect a 4-6 page essay on Edgar Allan Poe's 'The Raven' turned in by next Friday." What rushes through your mind as you consider this assignment? Do you feel pretty confident? Does a rising panic ...