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How tos for the learners and the learned; tips and tricks to help you study effectively, survive your school years, impress your teachers and more.

Indy Summers9 days ago
How to Stand Out in Law School
You made it through your undergraduate and you passed through the grueling application process. You may think that all of your work is done, but the work is just about to begin. Law school is going to...
Holly M17 days ago
The Language You Should Be Learning
First of all, if one or two or a few languages came to mind when reading the title of this post, that's perfect, keep them in mind. No matter how difficult or unattainable they may seem, passion and i...
Rose Soursa month ago
How to Teach Effectively Using the Technique of Individualized Instruction
Many times, teachers face great challenges impacting knowledge not because they are not knowledgeable about the subject matter or effective teaching methods.
Skunk Uzekia month ago
How to Handle Being Bullied at School
Having been bullied throughout my school career, I can honestly say that the current school system rewards bullies more than it punishes them. Bullying was the reason why I dropped out, and why most o...
Heather Clark2 months ago
How to Study More Efficiently
Change your study habits in just 3 steps.
Charlotte Mason2 months ago
Sports as a Theme of Your Essay
Aside from preparing your academic transcripts, requesting people to write your reference or recommendation letters, and doing well in admission tests by obtaining high scores, there is one more requi...
Joseline Burns2 months ago
Home Education
Deciding to homeschool is a tremendous decision. It is one that will impact your whole family. Homeschooling is not merely a matter of devoting seven hours, five days a week, with summers off to the e...
Ossiana Tepfenhart2 months ago
How to Choose a Private School for Your Child
I like to think of myself as a very unique person when it comes to my schooling. I'm a veteran of almost every type of school system the United States offers. I spent most of my elementary and middle ...
Phoenix Lawson2 months ago
How to Start Learning a New Language: Latin
Learning any new language can be a bit challenging regardless of who you are, where you’re from, and what you believe in. The interesting part of language is that all of these things are influenced by...
Rachel Lee2 months ago
Broken Language
In high school, I was one of the many kids who chose to take Spanish as their language elective. In the United States, many people speak Spanish! What a great language to learn, or so I thought. In co...
Tiffany Harper3 months ago
Six Working Ways to Engage Students in Volunteering
We can’t deny the fact that students are an important part of our society today. Their level of social awareness, their keenness in sharing knowledge, and their great enthusiasm for a cause that inter...
Brett Tortorello3 months ago
How to Find a Good Tutor
As a parent, I can't stress how important my children's education is—after all, the value of education is priceless. My one son is a natural scholar. He's into science, math, and even philosophy... al...
Matthew Evans3 months ago
Motivate Your Child
Actually, children like to learn. Actually. Many children lose their motivation to learn early on. Every child is born with an incredible desire to discover and shape. Never again in his life will a c...
Katy P.A.3 months ago
Living the Dream While Paying the Cost
How to Still Live While Carrying the College Cost
Maxwell Goldberg4 months ago
Gratitude for Technology: Tech Tips for Students
From long nights copying textbooks in the library, to hand-written final reports, to white-out and typewriters, to lugging slide rules around campus, to manually drafting engineering drawings, to solv...
Timothy Kohut4 months ago
10 Ways to Give Your Child a Great Homeschooling Experience
There are basically two schools of thought when it comes to homeschooling your child. On one hand, there are those who think their child is getting a superior education through a one-on-one learning s...
Karen Berns4 months ago
Preparing to Write a Text – Half of Success
Having a text to write can sometimes seem like a complex and very long task. Indeed, there are several steps to follow to write a good text. However, when one is well prepared, and especially when one...
Maddie Goody4 months ago
5 Tips on Learning a New Language
I've been studying French for seven and a half years now. I've been teaching it for a year. I have picked up some tips and tricks along the way that are surefire ways to help you learn your second (th...