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How tos for the learners and the learned; tips and tricks to help you study effectively, survive your school years, impress your teachers and more.

Steve Llanoa day ago
Summer Steps for College Success
The middle of the summer is not the time of year you find yourself thinking about your university courses. Maybe it should be. If you are like many people you see the summer as a chance to get away fr...
Jade Pulman8 days ago
How to Teach Students Effectively
If you are a teacher who is just starting your career and wants to learn a little bit more on how to teach a class effectively in a classroom that is very noisy and that has many distractions, you sho...
Type One Diabetes & School
Dealing with Type One Diabetes and balancing a happy and balanced school life is difficult, as a student or a parent of a student. It takes patience, communication, and a whole lot of juice boxes.
Mikkie Millsa month ago
How to Achieve the Egg Drop Challenge
The egg drop challenge is a science-type experiment that has been done in schools for decades now. The experiment can sometimes consist of students being broken off into teams to compete on who can cr...
Jared Rimera month ago
How Is Braille Done
It's been a long time since I’ve produced an article on this site. The last article I wrote was in July 2018, and since then, I’ve been busy with other projects and one in which I believe this readers...
Ainsley Lawrencea month ago
Cultivating Trauma Resilience in the Classroom
Our society, as a whole, is developing a greater awareness of trauma, and how it affects the human brain, especially when it comes to learning and behavior. Now more than ever, teachers at every level...
Aya Jundia month ago
The True Understanding of Literacy
Have you ever read a sentence or two, and didn't even understand what you were reading? It happens to the best of us. The English language is so complex, it has so much you can learn. Even if you're a...
Margaret Minnicks2 months ago
When to Use "Each Other" and "One Another"
No matter how long you have been out of an English class, you might still wonder when to speak or write "each other" and when to speak or write "one another." Only those who majored in English in coll...
Raven Wade2 months ago
5 Helpful Brain Hacks to Become a Math Whiz
I grew up HATING math. I dreaded it every day and tried to avoid taking math courses wherever I could. Even during my first semester of college, I struggled through algebra. I just used the study guid...
Margaret Minnicks2 months ago
Parts of a Great Graduation Speech
After listening to lectures and class discussions for four years, high school and college graduates should not have to sit through a boring graduation speech. Graduation speeches shouldn't be boring a...
Sasha McGregor2 months ago
Help Your Future High School Graduate’s Post-High School Plans
If your young adult is like many teens, they probably already know what their plans are for their lives. Assuming they are past the idealized plan for their future occupations, high school students ha...
Mahmood Ahmad2 months ago
Understanding the Purpose of Writing Is the First Requirement for Writing
Whatever it is, "writing" is work, and most of us have an awkward relationship with it. But it doesn't have to be like that! Writing is performance—it hinders, it can be heavenly pleasure or it is a t...
Mahmood Ahmad2 months ago
What Is the Purpose of Combing Literature?
Awareness of topic issues comes from reading and analyzing literature. Awareness of the problem is not generated from thin air. The second is finding problems based on existing research. Want to know ...
MrPie 3 months ago
How to Learn a Language
Learning a language doesn't have to be putting your nose in a textbook and getting extremely bored, this is a very inefficient way of learning a language. In this article, we will go through the most ...
Jade Pulman3 months ago
Five Ways to Stay Educated When Not in School
Learning does not start or end with school. Just because you are done with college or are saving up to go to some sort of higher education, this doesn’t mean you have to stop learning. There are many ...
Jilian Woods3 months ago
How to Use Irony in Your Writing
Why so serious? It seems like you don’t use irony in your writing. Irony helps to create a critical or humorous effect as well as a powerful emotional statement. This expository writing explains how a...
Ben W3 months ago
Spot Your English Mistakes
Once you have learned to embrace your errors, the next key part of being an editor of your written English language work is to spot the mistakes. You need to become proficient in catching your mistake...
Mollie Porein3 months ago
How to Improve Your Writing Skills Using Technology
Meta: Tech is revolutionizing almost every aspect of our lives, and writing is no exception. In recent years, several technologies have been developed to help authors improve the quality of their comp...