high school

High school made less stressful; a roundup of high school horror stories and tips on asking your date to prom, preparing for college and much more.

Alfie Pickarda year ago
How to Survive Your School Days
School days can be some of the most stressful, tiring, and important days of your life. You constantly have homework, always feel like you have to do more, and are contemplating what you would like to...
Andrew Wilsona year ago
Lincoln Christ's Hospital School
I am going to write some sort of stream-of-consciousness paragraphs about my secondary school days at the school pictured above, named Lincoln School until 1974 and Lincoln Christ's Hospital School si...
Dress Code?
As a public school student for the last 14 years, I would like to make a complaint. The most famous things we hear is about the dress code. We have meetings and assemblies and things are out on the an...
Andrew Wilsona year ago
My High School Years
I am going to endeavour to put down on this site many of my memories of my High School days, in a sort of stream of consciousness way. This will, I think, be preferable to trying to write some sort of...
Kyrabe Storiesa year ago
Fundraising Fright
Do you remember doing fundraisers in school, like selling chocolate bars at football games? Yeah, I don’t like them anymore, either. I mean, my younger antisocial self didn’t like them in the first pl...
Tanisha Daggera year ago
What It's like to Be Bullied
After spending 14 years of my 20-year life in school I can simply say that these school years were, and most probably are, going to be the worst years of my life. Compared to most people who have expe...
Diane Nivensa year ago
School Taught Us to Research...
I'm sure you've seen this meme floating around in various forms all over social media. Many people are quick to agree, but chances are they are dead wrong. People love to bash on public schools, as a ...
Early Graduation Was Almost Not Worth It
There was no way I was going to make it through another year at this school. There was no way in hell that I could handle being herded into class rooms along with the other sheep. Sitting in hard plas...
Tina Muzondoa year ago
The Mysterious Disappearance of Saint Eustace the Unfortunate
An Introduction People are quick to say that secondary school is the bane of their existence. It's that horrid place, with horrid memories and heartbreaks. It's the place where the ugly and vertically...
SR Jamesa year ago
Rebel Without a Book
Banned books has always been a subject that fascinates me. Some are banned for truly ludicrous reasons, like the previous banning of Alice in Wonderland in China's Hunan province (circa 1931) for "dis...
Surviving School
Since school has already started, and I know a few people already seem tired of it, I figured I would share my brainstormed ideas on how to survive it! (Okay, how I survive school, haha!)
Adam T.a year ago
Should School Be Easier?
As someone who just barely started high school, what would I know about the educational system? Well, after all, I have been attending school for nine years, which is enough for me to understand the f...
trashybird a year ago
How to Survive Rehearsal
Do you ever wonder what a peaceful rehearsal is like? For a lot of theatre companies, a calm, easy-going rehearsal is a very rare occurrence. The typical pre-show rehearsal usually involves misplaced ...
Kay Kaya year ago
Lost High School Senior
In exactly a week, I start my senior year. It seems to be a fairly big deal because it'll be my last first day. I think I know where I want to head after high school, but I've wasted time being lost a...
Dalan Hartmanna year ago
As Big As It Goes: Origami Art
I slapped the giant piece of canvas onto the table, making half the class jump in surprise. It was early Wednesday morning, just a few weeks before summer vacation. Heat radiated off the blacktop of t...
Nicole Starka year ago
Freshman Year
Freshman year always has its ups and downs. Here are some things that I wish I knew before my freshman year of high school.