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High school made less stressful; a roundup of high school horror stories and tips on asking your date to prom, preparing for college and much more.

Aliyah Sanguedolce8 months ago
Embarrassing School Incident
It was my first day of high school and I walk into the doors of the school excited to go to the same school as my friends from eighth grade. I was excited to start class and meet new teachers and frie...
Emma Knowlton9 months ago
4 Things I Didn't Realize About High School Until It Was Too Late
“I present to you the graduating class of 2018.” I could not believe I was a high school graduate. It did not feel real until I heard those words come out of my principal’s mouth. I reflected on my hi...
Madison Rheam9 months ago
You Did It
Congratulations! You survived the last four years of prison... *cough* I mean, high school! Today is the day that you walk across the stage to get a piece of paper that basically holds the last four y...
Pamela Yang9 months ago
What Do You Mean High-Schoolers Are Stressed?
I can tell you one thing for sure: high-schoolers are not okay. Some are, but the overwhelming majority of them are silently struggling with issues like depression and anxiety, but they don't even kno...
Alex Lee9 months ago
Message to the School Systems
May 17, 2018 One Student Some High School An uncared about district To Whom It May Concern: Some High school of An Uncared for District by a low blow with the news of the upcoming layoff effective nex...
Em Graysen9 months ago
Faith and Folly
If you would have told my fourteen-year-old self that I would someday walk away from my Christian faith, I would have thought you were crazy. At that age I was such a strong believer that no amount of...
Anne Marshall9 months ago
Surviving High School
MY EXPERIENCE When most adults look back on high school the majority of them say that it was either the best or worst time in their life. Some think that high school is straight forward and easy, but ...
Mason James9 months ago
I'm 15 and I'm a High School Dropout
So I know the first thing you’re probably thinking is: Aren’t you a little young to be a high school dropout? Why’d you dropout? What are you going to do now? How do you plan on getting a job? The rea...
apr 9 months ago
Help Yourself out Throughout High School by Asking for Help
How to stay on top of your business.
Paula Macena9 months ago
Six Things I've Learned in High School
When I was younger—in elementary school, middle school, even junior high—high school seemed like a faraway fantasy land. Everything in the media screamed at me, “High school will be the best years of ...
Rishi Das10 months ago
Why Grades Don't Matter
OK, I already know what you're thinking. You're wrong. Grades do matter. Well, turns out, you're right. They sometimes do. But then again, not at all aspects of life. With that said, don't stop studyi...
Lucie Terkowski10 months ago
Freshman Year: High School
Some say these four years are the best years of your life; the archway, or the bridge of new opportunities full of new adventures. Some say these years go by so fast you really don't remember what hap...
Maurice Bernier10 months ago
The Trumpet Man!
I was born in the year of 1956. It was a great year. Many great people I know were born that year. My closest friends were born that year. As Frank Sinatra once sang, “It was a very good year.” Even t...
Jared Smith10 months ago
Dear Jim, It is wonderful that you are about to take the ACT. However, it would seem that you need some questions answered first, which is reasonable. The ACT reading test is a 35 minute test with 40 ...
Katie Marchbank10 months ago
Most Expensive Private High Schools in America
High school can teach you a lot. No, I'm not just talking about knowing what the powerhouse of the cell is, I'm talking about learning how to work together with people you might not like, make friends...
Angel Allsop10 months ago
What Is Life Really Like After High School?
High school is and was the most social part of my life. In high school, you were able to make friends in the matter of a couple seconds of entering a class. Some friends you make freshman year stick w...
Steven Wallacea year ago
Mindfulness in Education
As schools increasingly emphasise cognitive intelligence, placing greater workloads, higher study expectations, and less free time on students shoulders, they should also take on the onus of mitigatin...
Maya Krapfa year ago
Why School Should Start Later
Do you hate waking up in the morning? High school students are waking up as early as six o’clock to begin their day. Some even earlier! The unreasonable morning start times for schools work against th...