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High school made less stressful; a roundup of high school horror stories and tips on asking your date to prom, preparing for college and much more.

Serena Magaña8 months ago
Odd Ball Out
It was the middle of freshman year and I was at war with my mom. Earlier that day, she had gotten a call from iPoly saying that I was number one on the waiting list and I would be able to start on January 22. “iPoly is such a good school. You’ll have so many opportunities there!” my mom exclaimed. “I get that it is a good school and everything, but it is MID-SEMESTER! I already made lots of friends at Chino and I found my place here!” I yelled. After that, the car ride home was silent. All I cou...
Samuel Gaitan9 months ago
High School: Junior Year (Chapter 6)
Chapter Six (Ralfie's Point of View) I didn't catch what Elena said to Sam. I was too busy thinking about what was inside of the folder and then Sam just gets up and leaves the cafeteria. Elena, Selen...
Sam B9 months ago
How to Make It Through High School
In this article, I will discuss many topics that come to mind when I think about how to thrive in high school, or at least get through it. If you ask most adults they’ll say, “High school is the best ...
Laura's Vocal 9 months ago
High School
I remember the weeks coming up to my first year of high school. It was such an exciting milestone for me. I was no longer in public school, and I really felt like I was growing up. Although the excite...
Mika Boyle9 months ago
Surviving a 7A High School
Growing up in a town with less than 10,000 people is a unique experience. You think you have met everyone until you keep growing older and your town has a population boom. Fast forward to my senior ye...
Samuel Gaitan9 months ago
High School: Junior Year (Chapter 5)
I slammed through the cafeteria doors trying to catch up with Jeanette. Out in the hallway, I looked left and right and I didn’t see any sign of her. I did, however, see the corner of a manilla folder...
hollie shanks9 months ago
6 Things to Prepare You for High School
Here's a list of things to help you prepare for high school. This advice is not always right. It comes from my own personal experience.
Margaret Myers9 months ago
My Senior Quote + What I Learned in High School
It was one of the moments I had been waiting for the past four years of my high school career. It was finally time to pick out my senior quote from the yearbook. This was my time to shine and try and ...
Holly Rutherford9 months ago
High School Advice From a Recent Graduate
About a month and a half ago, I can proudly say that I graduated high school. It was a moment I had anticipated for years and years, and to officially say I am a high school graduate feels incredible....
Lucy A9 months ago
Teachers Need Training: Why Our Educators Need to Learn How to Deal with Racism in the Classroom
Your job as an educator is to protect and teach the students in your class, including ones of color meaning—Latinos, Asians (generally from Asia), Native American students, and Black students. There h...
Bethany Ashlyn9 months ago
The Safe Sex Talk They Should Have Given in School
I don’t know what you were taught in school or if you were taught anything at all, but even as a teenager I was extremely aware of how ridiculous sex education was. What is even more ridiculous is the...
Tim Bryce9 months ago
Taking Public Education for Granted
BRYCE ON EDUCATION Click for AUDIO VERSION​. I want to talk a little on education. Some things have been bothering me. Today, we hear a lot of young people demanding a right to free higher education, ...
Sophie Jiwoo9 months ago
Intelligence vs. Artificial Intelligence
If you grew up in the States, there’s a high chance that you’ve heard of the SAT entrance exam. Created by the College Board, a non-profit organization committed to preparing students for college, the...
Samuel Gaitan9 months ago
High School: Junior Year (Chapter 4)
Chapter Four The rest of the first month of school went by faster than usual, it seemed. There were a few times I walked to school without Ralfie. He would send me a text either the night before or th...
Jon L9 months ago
Journey Into High School: Grade 8
High School. What are the first words that come to mind? Scary? Frightening? Zealous? Well, those were the first few words that came to mind when thinking about high school. Here's why. In elementary ...
Samuel Gaitan9 months ago
High School: Junior Year (Chapter 3)
Chapter Three Being a junior in high school, it is sad to say that I have never been in a situation where a girl initiated the conversation first. 'Act cool,' I thought to myself. “Yes to all of the a...
Madison Rheam10 months ago
What No One Tells You About High School
Your body will start to go through some physical changes that... wait a minute. You actually thought I was going to write an article about puberty? Think again because this is basically the survival g...
Andrea Dawson10 months ago
3 Careers That Are Best to Prepare for in High School
There are numerous career paths that require state examinations and a state license in order to practice. In many cases, the testing and requirements for licensure might be different from state to sta...