high school

High school made less stressful; a roundup of high school horror stories and tips on asking your date to prom, preparing for college and much more.

Alexandria Bliss6 months ago
Letter to a Freshman
Dear Jane, High school...the white walls, clogged hallways, and smelly locker rooms. Oh, the glory days, but all of that will cease to exist when it comes to focusing on the actual classes you will be...
Xena Warrior6 months ago
My 10 Year High School Reunion
This past weekend, I attended my (dreaded) high school reunion. The weeks and months leading up to the event were the worst I've ever experienced. I will not disclose all reasons at this time, as they are ongoing, but what I can say is that this past year has been the most emotionally draining, traumatic, and eye-opening year I've gone through. I am the most overweight I've ever been, I had to come back to Vegas with my tail between my legs because LA had drained more than just my finances, I'm ...
Jon Thomas6 months ago
Senior Year
It’s the beginning of your senior year in high school and you are anything but happy. It’s supposed to be an exciting time in your life when you’re looking forward to all the experiences you’re going ...
Sara Kenney6 months ago
Hold the Onions
Students sat slack-jawed, absorbing the absurdity of the professor's expectations. Pencils hit the papers with force, but erasers hit harder with attempts to hide the bullshit lines that were scribble...
Alexis Bellaw7 months ago
Deadbeat Dropout
I'd like to start off that I am planning on being a dropout myself. A lot of people have told me I shouldn't because I'm a senior and I'm almost there, so what sense does it make to drop out now? I sh...
Ransom Harris7 months ago
The Problem with the School System
I will set this straight right off the bat: this isn't the ramblings of a high school dropout. I graduated from high school with a 4.36 GPA, I rarely skipped school, I found it to be very easy, and I ...
Kendall Cardoza7 months ago
How to Survive High School!
High School, easily the scariest, most fun time of your teens. There are so many activities to do, but there is so much homework and don't forget social life! In this text are a few easy steps to help...
Emski Ravel7 months ago
What I Wish I Would've Known During High School
I had a fantastic time in high school *sarcasm*. I wasn't really bullied or had difficulty learning but I had a lot of unresolved issues going into high school and I should've asked for help sooner. I...
Toria Rainey7 months ago
The Prep Year
Where the walls so tall and stately of our Alma Mater rise, Where the elm trees’ waving fingers strive to touch the bending skies Nature smiles with aspect sweet—darkly braided on the greensward at ou...
Samuel Gaitan8 months ago
High School: Junior Year (Chapter 7)
I remember my dad saying something about him having an early meeting today but didn’t want to go back to the office. He often did that. He was a corporate attorney so he was able to bring his work hom...
sofia benavides8 months ago
Seniors Are Bitches
It was a Senior privilege to run in screaming during rallies. It was also a Senior privilege to wear college sweatshirts over your uniform polo, eat lunch in the quad with the school bus yellow tables...
F M8 months ago
The 5 Lessons I Learned From Moving to a New High School
It was mid-way through my sophomore year when my parents told me about my dad's new job. We would be moving from Connecticut to Massachusetts. Despite us moving only three hours away, it was at the ti...
C. L.8 months ago
How to Survive Senior Year
As someone who has successfully just come out of a senior year alive and (relatively) okay, I feel like it's kind of my unofficial duty to pass on what I've learned from my experiences over the year. ...
Michael X.8 months ago
A Layman's Guide to Surviving AP Calculus
Disclaimer: These are tips to help you pass the class, not to get a 5 on the AP test. Ah, AP Calculus... the class that made even the smartest students at my school tremble. Unfortunately for me, my s...
Crystal L.8 months ago
My High School Review
Disclaimer: The picture provided above is not my high school. August 14, 2018. The day that a new journey began. On August 14, I embarked on a new journey as a freshman in high school. My first week h...
Leigh Hooper8 months ago
Results Day 2018
The night before results day was a nightmare. I couldn’t sleep, my friends were waking up from actual nightmares, and I realised this day ended a whole era of my life. As someone who isn’t planning on...
Rylie Travis8 months ago
Freshman Year
Going into high school is nerve wracking for a lot of students. Having their environment change and being around older people can be very overwhelming. I remember my summer from eighth grade to freshm...
Ashia Martin8 months ago
Guide to Get Through High School
Coming from a Small Charter School Girl