Degrees defined: PhD, Master, Bachelor, Associate–all about that expensive piece of paper called your degree.

Denise Willisa year ago
Online Learning, or Brick and Mortar?
I have attended both online colleges and brick and mortar schools, and in retrospect, I believe online learning is more for the student who works well independently, and not for someone who needs info...
Robyn Justinea year ago
Higher Education: Who Really Benefits?
I was speaking with my brother not so long ago and he told me he wanted to go to university. I asked him what he wanted to study and he said he didn’t know, to which I responded, then why are you goin...
H.S. Multona year ago
The Pros and Cons to Online Classes
This semester, I took my first set of online classes. Ever. It was by necessity, but I was not discouraged by it. I am excited to try new things and the thought of attending school in my pajamas witho...