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Maddi Mcardle7 months ago
Saving Music
Hello! This is my first post on this site and whilst I was deciding what to write, life just gave me my first story instantly. I just became an instrumental teacher at Birmingham Music Service. I was ...
Gannon Kendrick7 months ago
Should You Learn French?
When I started learning French in high school, many people around me thought I had caught some cultural fascination with the French, with their baguettes and their berets, funny mustaches, and immedia...
Jenna Deedy8 months ago
Back to School? No Problem!
It's that time of the year again when the kids have a brand new set of supplies that they are going to need for another year of school, teachers getting back on the job after a summer of vacations and...
ZARA 8 months ago
So You Are an English Major?
Have you ever considered English as your major, but have a fear for the future? It’s okay.
MrPie 8 months ago
Top 5 Easiest Languages to Learn
The 5 Easiest Languages to Learn
Charlotte Williams8 months ago
The Issues of Education
It’s not that education’s bad because, in principle, it’s not. We need to learn, to grow, to expand our minds and understanding. Education is good. School is bad. I get it. The issue with education is...
Shaun Ennis8 months ago
Music Education Is Dying - But It’s Worth Saving
The UK's music industry contributes £4.4 billion to the economy every year and projects soft power around the world. The top three albums of 2017 were all made by British artists and three of the five...
Evie Galvin8 months ago
Future Ambitions
Hey. In today’s blog post I want to talk about my future and what I want to hopefully do with it. So I recently completed my GCSE exams and my results will be arriving in just over a week. To be hones...
Ben W8 months ago
All About Adjectives
We have previously covered ‘adjectives’ to an extent in a previous blog post entry on the ‘eight basic parts of speech’ for which adjectives is one of them. However, I believe that it is crucial to go...
Izzy Nixon9 months ago
Is GCSE Music Valued Enough Across the UK?
Did you know that barely 1 in 20 pupils took music last year as a GCSE option? Research has shown that listening to music can reduce anxiety, blood pressure, and pain as well as improve sleep quality,...
Kenny C9 months ago
Why I Love Studying Russian
When most people think of Russian they think of a hard language that is spoken in a mysterious, cold and large country. However, there is more to this language than that. Russian is spoken by 260 mill...
Kenny C9 months ago
Why You Should Learn French
At some point in our lives, we have had to learn a foreign language. Whether it was a requirement for school, work, or just out of our own interest. Choosing which foreign language to learn can be tou...
Vanessa Skerry9 months ago
Why Do Sciences and Maths Evolve Over Time, but the Humanities Do Not?
Upon completing my undergraduate degree, I have pondered the question, ''Why is there a progression in sciences and in maths, but not in the humanities?''—based partly on my own experiences from kinde...
Joe Baily9 months ago
Should I Create an Online Course?
The internet has gone from a concept from the mind of a single individual to the concrete foundation of modern society. More people communicate on social media now than ever before. More people buy th...
Holly M9 months ago
Which Language Should You Be Learning?
Whether you're thinking of tackling a new and exciting hobby or want to become bi, tri, or multilingual, language learning is a huge step to completely changing your life (for the better). Since a maj...
Ben W9 months ago
Talking About Gerunds
In order to facilitate your grammar studies, it’s important to not overlook certain topics that are integral to boosting your knowledge of English grammar. ‘Gerunds’ is one of those key topics to real...
Ria Baez9 months ago
Life After High School
I can feel myself getting older. How do I feel about that? - This is something I wrote in my journal two days ago at 3 AM. You might or might not be able to tell that I was having a little crisis. Rig...
Chloe Millward9 months ago
'The Beaux Stratagem'
So to briefly explain the story there are arguments, gossip, stress, funny moments, and amusement. I'm going to go into detail about this because I have never seen anything about the life of a perform...