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Emily Wilson18 hours ago
How Did E-Learning Become Much More Popular Nowadays
One of the greatest inventions in human history is the printing press. With it, knowledge was no longer limited to just to the oral tradition and to handwritten manuscripts available only to monks and...
K.B Ntetaa month ago
What They Don’t Teach You in School
It’s obvious that everything you learn through education doesn’t prepare you for the real world. I knew I enjoyed English and loved writing but the thought of being a teacher (which is a route a lot o...
Ben Richardsona month ago
Simple Science
Welcome to Simple Science. Today I want to talk about some of the things that make our bodies run. The amazing and interesting facts that allow us to do what we do each and every day. Enzymes and Meta...
Kerian Va month ago
Letting Go of the Literary Canon
There is this idea floating around academia that, as an English major, you're supposed to have an appreciation for all the Great Works of Literature: Chaucer, Shakespeare, Twain, Hemingway, that crowd...
Alex Newell2 months ago
Let's Sort this Language Thing Out!
With 62 percent of individuals in the UK only speaking their native tongue it has become obvious that there is a lack of an attempt to practice learning another language. Many native English speakers ...
Lovelli Fuad2 months ago
7 More Free Online Courses to Learn About Social Activism (with Stats)
I previously published a list of 8 online courses to help learn about social activism in relation to the mass media, which includes social media. If you’ve read the story, you might notice a weird sta...
Lovelli Fuad2 months ago
8 Free Online Courses on Social Activism and the Media
The social media is where we see people sharing and responding to messages that resonate the most with their interest and passion. Every 60 seconds 2.4 million snaps are created, 973,000 users log in ...
Hannah Johnson3 months ago
5 Lessons I Learned as a DCP Student
When I accepted my position in the Disney College Program, I wasn’t sure what to expect. I was worried I wouldn’t gain anything from the experience, because I was going to be working on a roller coast...
Ben W3 months ago
The Active Voice
Every writer has a voice but it's important to be able to distinguish which is the correct voice to use depending upon the context. There are two main voices in English writing to be aware of: the act...
Hannah Johnson3 months ago
4 Ways Working at Disney World Helped Me Towards My Animal Science Degree
When I was accepted into the Disney college program, I was so excited to start my journey. My advisor, however, was much more hesitant on me leaving for Orlando for six months, pausing my classes and ...
Maddi Mcardle3 months ago
Saving Music
Hello! This is my first post on this site and whilst I was deciding what to write, life just gave me my first story instantly. I just became an instrumental teacher at Birmingham Music Service. I was ...
Gannon Kendrick3 months ago
Should You Learn French?
When I started learning French in high school, many people around me thought I had caught some cultural fascination with the French, with their baguettes and their berets, funny mustaches, and immedia...
Jenna Deedy3 months ago
Back to School? No Problem!
It's that time of the year again when the kids have a brand new set of supplies that they are going to need for another year of school, teachers getting back on the job after a summer of vacations and...
ZARA 4 months ago
So You Are an English Major?
Have you ever considered English as your major, but have a fear for the future? It’s okay.
MrPie 4 months ago
Top 5 Easiest Languages to Learn
The 5 Easiest Languages to Learn
Charlotte Williams4 months ago
The Issues of Education
It’s not that education’s bad because, in principle, it’s not. We need to learn, to grow, to expand our minds and understanding. Education is good. School is bad. I get it. The issue with education is...
Shaun Ennis4 months ago
Music Education Is Dying - But It’s Worth Saving
The UK's music industry contributes £4.4 billion to the economy every year and projects soft power around the world. The top three albums of 2017 were all made by British artists and three of the five...
Evie Galvin4 months ago
Future Ambitions
Hey. In today’s blog post I want to talk about my future and what I want to hopefully do with it. So I recently completed my GCSE exams and my results will be arriving in just over a week. To be hones...