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Nancy D5 days ago
Left Wing Literary Theory
If you are writing an essay and you don't know what to write about... throw in some left wing literary theory! I'm serious, teachers and professors everyone love it! There are tons and tons of differe...
Roger Philmore24 days ago
Top 5 Online Medical Assisting Programs
Not having time to go to a college campus to become a medical assistant is normal. Luckily, medical assisting courses can be taken online. All the education you need to jump start your career as a medical assistant can be taken online without having to attend a traditional college. I'm making it easier for you to find a solid medical assisting program online by providing information on top ranked online medical assisting programs by EDsmart. Best Online Medical Assisting Programs
Medea Walker2 months ago
Why AP Classes Aren’t Worth It
After a full school year of hard work, late nights, and stressful days, many people did not receive the credit they had worked so hard for. Despite the good grades many of them had, they simply did no...
Iria Vasquez-Paez3 months ago
What I Want with a Law Degree
I want to spend my first three years of Law school at Santa Clara University, never mind the three years or so I’m going to take to get my general education retaken, done, etc. I don’t have my transcr...
Jack Maginnes3 months ago
A Day in the Life: Computer Science Major
What's up, guys? First off, let me just say that this is my first post. I found this platform through an Instagram ad and think it is a really cool idea. I am excited to now be apart of it. Okay, now ...
Mette Fisker3 months ago
The IB Diploma: How It Has Brainwashed Me
If you’ve ever heard of the IB program and the students that take the program, you have most likely also heard a few horror stories to go along with it. Stories like the students completely losing any...
Isabel Melim4 months ago
Theatre. Performing Arts. Words that don’t mean a thing to a lot of people, simply because it’s not taken as a serious job. As my grandma used to say: “You’re only doing theatre as an hobby, right? I ...
Lauren Pilling4 months ago
Why Arts Education Matters
As a little girl, I always knew that academics was never my strong suit. My sister was a straight A student, and I was a straight B student. I always felt less than. I never had a place to belong. Tha...
Come Study Comic Books with Me
Five years ago the Art Professor, David Jones and I began a collaborative comic book unit that included my sociology class and his art classes that we never dreamed would evolve into a full class at t...
Natalia Garzon4 months ago
STEM Majors vs. Liberal Arts Majors
The story begins in the meme state of, where one STEM major declared a war against those pertaining to the liberal arts. The author of the tweet, which has since been taken down (but I als...
R K5 months ago
Failing My A-Levels
From the perspective of a 17-year-old student I always thought I was a smart girl. Maybe not the brightest, but smart to an extent. I was always put in higher sets for subjects and got good grades thr...
Tom Chapman5 months ago
Still Know Nothing? Harvard University Now Has a Degree In 'Game of Thrones'
For those of us keen to continue our higher education, but can't be bothered battling White Walkers or trekking to the Citadel to sit among a bunch of dusty old books, fear not, fans of mayhem and mur...
Megan Medeiros5 months ago
The Importance of the Arts
Whether people are willing to admit it or not, the arts are currently under attack in our nation's education. Funding is being pulled away from the arts or, in some cases, arts programs are getting cu...
Hollie 5 months ago
We all love them, don't we? I personally do. My preferred form of assessment is exams. I know many people who fall to pieces in exams and forget everything they've studied, but I'm not one of them. I ...
The New Type of Education
Many people assume that a college or trading school education is necessary. And while a good education is a great stepping stone to getting a great career, going away to a 4 to 8-year college isn't al...
A D6 months ago
The Use of Still-Capture Within a Physical Education Lesson
The wider recognition of pupils’ diverse learning needs has led to variations in pedagogical approaches. In modern society, technological determinism emphasises the potential inevitable integration of...
George Herman6 months ago
Best Accredited Online Courses for College Credit
Looking for college credit, but can't find the right degree that offers online courses? This is one of the most devastating issues in the current education system, yielding no support to citizens when...