Maximize your university experience with these tips for all things collegiate–how to achieve a perfect GPA, select the right major, finance your college education and more.

David Wyld3 months ago
The Curious Case of Long Beach State...or Whatever You Call It!
Confusion is definitely not the desired end result of any marketing effort! So imagine the plight facing the upper administration of one particular college in California. Consider the case of Long Bea...
Patrick Hollis3 months ago
Education: The New Age Commodity
1993 might not necessarily be that long of a time ago to many people, but in terms of further education it feels a lifetime away. In this time UK students have gone from paying nothing for a Universit...
Skye Dorothy3 months ago
Moving for School?
Like most college students, I moved out of my parents’ house and into a student house close to my college. I chose student housing as opposed to on-campus residence simply because it was cheaper and I...
Anya Leigh3 months ago
How to Survive College
Our world has become education driven and continues to do so. All the good jobs require specific college degrees, preferably from esteemed universities. A politician's entire argument can be shot down if he doesn't plan to give a certain percentage more to public schools. All the good romances are set in schools. It's a unique dynamic, builds character, and I can't believe I just said that last point, I sound like an 80-year-old grandpa. On the flip side: you can't survive without education. A h...
C.L. Foster3 months ago
When you're in high school every teacher, advisor, and mentor preach about the importance of going to college to create a better life for yourself. They swear by it. They advise you strongly to spend ...
Anya Leigh3 months ago
How I Worked the System
I was once asked the question, "What was the biggest thing you screwed up, but no one ever found out it was you?" And I would have to reply, "Community college." I dual enrolled for sophomore through ...
Lyvi Elliott3 months ago
9 Things I Have Learned After Being in College for a Month
While I've only been in college for a very short amount of time, I feel like I have learned so much already just from my experiences around campus. Here, I am sharing a few of my tips that I have picked up after being in college for a month.
Rich Monetti3 months ago
Properly Inspired, A Plattsburgh Professor Made the Most of My Limited Intelligence 
30 years ago, I packed my bags for Plattsburgh State. The fear of leaving home for the first time was readily apparent. Regardless, I beat that 20 minutes after my parents left me for dead. As for the...
Issy Smith3 months ago
Hold Up, Go Back a Second?
So I'm ALREADY in my third week here at university and wow time has gone past me so quickly. I currently study a combined honours course of Music and Psychology at Canterbury Christ Church University ...
Vanessa Baltazar3 months ago
First Day of College at Pasadena City College
It's hard leaving the people you have known all of your life. The same people you have known since kindergarten. The friends you have made. The memories you had with them. Then, when you become a seni...
Ashley Long3 months ago
AFA Leaders Conference 2018
Hi everyone, this is Ashley Long writing about the AFA Leaders Conference. The AFA Leaders Conference stands for Agriculture Future of America and is a conference for the top 800 selected pre-veterina...
Hannah Fox3 months ago
Dropping Out of College
When we hear about people dropping out of college, we usually think of the student as having failed some classes or too stupid to keep up or just lazy. But for some people, college just isn't the righ...
Kaylee Lundgren3 months ago
Benefits of Having a College Degree
When we consider going to college, there are many things that can convince us to go but also many things convincing us not to go to college. Sometimes when we are thinking about going to college we do...
LEX BASEHORE4 months ago
A Year Off School
June 19th, 2018. The day I finally graduated from high school. There was people crying, people jumping up and down & even people who had already left the premises; they got their diploma & left! I was...
Helena Rey4 months ago
University vs. College
Furthering education after high school can be a tough choice. It may not be for everyone. If choosing more education, it can come in the form of a certified, community college, college, university, et...
Anne House4 months ago
Pros and Cons of Living in a Dorm
Going to college can be stressful. Here are something things that can help you decide where to live throughout it.