Maximize your university experience with these tips for all things collegiate–how to achieve a perfect GPA, select the right major, finance your college education and more.

Eleanor Wilson5 months ago
Student Life from the Perspective of a Socially Awkward, T-Total, Broke and Clueless 18 Year Old
I'm writing this when I should be reading an article about Non-Interference in Southeast Asia as part of a group project for International Politics (by Lee Jones if anyone is remotely interested). Onl...
Monica 5 months ago
Going Back to School
I have recently decide to go back to school and finish what I started around ten years ago. Once upon a time I dreamed of becoming a teacher and making my money by helping others. Truth be told it is ...
Shelby MacAnanny5 months ago
How to Study in College
One thing a lot of college students struggle with is studying for exams, and actually absorbing material well enough to perform well on exams, but there are a few quick things you can do that will hel...
Shelby MacAnanny5 months ago
The Truth About Being a College Freshman
Before you move into college, everyone will have something to say about what to bring and how fun it is going to be, but what college is really like is different from anything you'd ever expect.
R !sk5 months ago
The Post-Grad Reality
"I hope you are prepared to explain yourself." This is a phrase I have heard more than once from the individuals in academia who are more ready to abase than they are to praise or respect your decisio...
Sydney Izzo5 months ago
Changing My Major
I am a freshman in college and I am a film major. All throughout high school, I felt sure that I was meant to pursue a career in film. I had all of these ideas of the films and documentaries I was goi...
John Does5 months ago
Feeling Hopeless
*This story is very informal in structure and was written during a period in which I felt the need to get my thoughts in writing. In other words, this is a product of its time. Grammar Nazis beware......
Sydney Izzo5 months ago
My First Night of College
Okay. So I moved into school on August 25th. The day started off with me grabbing the last shower I would take at home for two months. I packed everything up and my parents and I jammed everything int...
shelby mayes5 months ago
Moving on After College
Like many of the people I went through grade school with, I had a job since I was 16-years-old. My first job ever was as a waitress at a retirement home... that's how badly I wanted to make my own mon...
MementoMori 0_o5 months ago
Chronicles of a ULL Student - Mini Series
Like everyone in high school I knew that college was going to be no joke. Just how serious, I had no way of knowing. First, let's start from when was looking into all the colleges I could go to. They ...
Rosemary Guzman5 months ago
My Life After High School
You know, I’m not ready to be an adult. I wish there was a way to time travel back to when I was a kid. By junior and senior year everyone always told me that I should get prepared for college and to ...
Does College Accreditation Matter?
When it's time for young students to prepare for the next step in their education by applying to colleges, they typically don't seek out the school's accreditation. This is because it's simply somethi...
Bridget Barnes5 months ago
The War on Textbooks
Since beginning college I have been faced with the harsh reality of money. The reality being I don’t have any and everything in this world has a price I must pay. A price we all must pay. Tuition has ...
David Wyld5 months ago
Part II: Should a University Have to Pay the University to Market the University?
The Curious—and Possibly Prescient—Case of the University of Illinois in the Age of Attention
Cecil Connelly5 months ago
How to Make the Most Out of College
Change isn't easy. Moving over 1,000 miles away from your family and friends and everything you've always known isn't easy. I'm the kind of person that generally doesn't enjoy change (but I mean, who ...
Zoe Alice5 months ago
University: Do You Really Need It?
There’s an unbelievable amount of pressure placed on young people today to become ‘successful’. More so than ever before because everyone is watching…..on instagram! We’re taught that in order to beco...
Pauline Li5 months ago
Stuck in a Major I Hate
I am a General Engineering major in my last year of college and I hate it. I regret choosing it. If I was given the chance to start all over and choose another major, I would take the chance in a hear...
Laura Park5 months ago
Surviving University
As someone currently in her final year of University and trying to juggle a long distance relationship, family halfway across the country, a social life, and writing the most important piece of litera...