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Does College Accreditation Matter?
When it's time for young students to prepare for the next step in their education by applying to colleges, they typically don't seek out the school's accreditation. This is because it's simply somethi...
Bridget Barnes3 months ago
The War on Textbooks
Since beginning college I have been faced with the harsh reality of money. The reality being I don’t have any and everything in this world has a price I must pay. A price we all must pay. Tuition has ...
David Wyld3 months ago
Part II: Should a University Have to Pay the University to Market the University?
The Curious—and Possibly Prescient—Case of the University of Illinois in the Age of Attention
Cecil Connelly3 months ago
How to Make the Most Out of College
Change isn't easy. Moving over 1,000 miles away from your family and friends and everything you've always known isn't easy. I'm the kind of person that generally doesn't enjoy change (but I mean, who ...
Zoe Alice3 months ago
University: Do You Really Need It?
There’s an unbelievable amount of pressure placed on young people today to become ‘successful’. More so than ever before because everyone is watching…..on instagram! We’re taught that in order to beco...
Pauline Li3 months ago
Stuck in a Major I Hate
I am a General Engineering major in my last year of college and I hate it. I regret choosing it. If I was given the chance to start all over and choose another major, I would take the chance in a hear...
Laura Park3 months ago
Surviving University
As someone currently in her final year of University and trying to juggle a long distance relationship, family halfway across the country, a social life, and writing the most important piece of litera...
Carina Tejada3 months ago
Post Grad: What the Real World Looks like After Graduating
College graduation is an exciting time. For the past 12+ years we have been working towards receiving a higher education, a degree that can make our families proud, but also allow us to achieve a drea...
Alyssa Cherry3 months ago
Being Diagnosed in College
During my first semester of college, I was in a wheelchair most of the fall. During the spring semester after that fall, I was put in the hospital and almost lost my life to a blood clot. Last fall, I...
Megan Crawford3 months ago
Degree in Debt
"If you work really hard in school, you'll be able to get yourself into a good University and then that will be you set up for life..." or some variation of this classic spiel is what most teenagers h...
Charles Quinn3 months ago
The Dilemma of the Generation of Poor College Students
Completing a four-year (at least) Bachelor's degree seems like the new minimum for nearly any career nowadays. In prior generations, the necessary education barely exceeding that of a high school dipl...
David Wyld3 months ago
Part I: Should a University Have to Pay the University to Market the University?
Money. Isn't that what college is all about these days? As tuitions continue to rise far, far faster than inflation, along with parental stress and student debt to cope with these ever-growing costs, ...
Linda Mayaba3 months ago
Is the University Education System Broken?
Everyday I enter a lecture room, pick a seat, sit down, and get ready to watch a slide presentation. It could be a slide presentation on the theory of money in economics or a presentation on how to co...
Bea BB3 months ago
Can't Make Friends at University?
Sometimes we find it difficult to meet new people and work on building that relationship into a friendship. It takes time and effort, and during the process, we may ask ourselves if these are the peop...
Linda Mayaba3 months ago
What I Wish I Knew Before Applying for College Abroad
I still remember the day I received my admission offer from my dream university. "We're pleased to offer you admission..." I couldn't move for a while. I was paralyzed with joy. The feeling is difficu...
Paulina Pachel3 months ago
Graduating from College Debt-Free Amidst a Financially Global Turmoil
College is probably the most pivotal point in an adolescents' life. This is a time for reinventing yourself, drug experimentation, and fun. It is also a time of self-discovery, thought-provoking debat...
Linda Mayaba3 months ago
Top 5 Must-Use Resources on Campus That Every International Student Should Know About
International students pay so much for college but are they getting the most out of it? I've put together a list of must-use resources on campus that many international students tend to forget about.
Marissa Roeske3 months ago
How to... Survive Life in a College Dorm
College can be hard. Sure, some of you reading this are probably thinking, "She's crazy! College was the best four years of my life!" But others understand what I am saying. It can be hard moving out ...