Maximize your university experience with these tips for all things collegiate–how to achieve a perfect GPA, select the right major, finance your college education and more.

Rebekah Sanyu4 months ago
I Failed My A-levels and Was Kicked Out of My School... It Was the Best Thing that Has Happened to Me Yet
I’ll never forget it. Standing in line with countless other kids whose envelopes had been marked like leprosy. We stood, waiting for a one-to-one talk with the vice principal, who would inevitably tel...
Heather Clark4 months ago
How to Survive College
Are you a college freshman or a current student looking for tips to make your life easier? Then look no further than this guide that contains some big tips to help you out.
Olivia Countess4 months ago
Having Random Roommates in College
I am now a sophomore at USC. Last year I had my fair share of wild roommate experiences. And just like last year, I went random for my roommates this year.
Mandy M4 months ago
The Life of a University Commuter
Live it vicariously through me.
Doug McCloskey4 months ago
Student Commons
I'm sitting in a common or lounge room that doubles as a cafeteria of a small community college just over a mile away from the downtown area of a small city in the midwest. I've found the perfect spot...
Olivia Wallace4 months ago
7 Ways to Get the Most Out of Your First Year at University
If you've already moved away from home, you'll already understand that it's one of the most exciting yet nerve-wracking experiences in your younger years. For those who haven't, you've come to the rig...
Aliza Miller4 months ago
Living with Random Roommates Sucks
I was a senior in high school picking out where I wanted to go to college. Like any senior, this was an exciting and nerve wracking time in my life. It signaled the start of a new chapter, and changes...
Cato Conroy4 months ago
Why Is School so Expensive?
It was a total of $15,000 a year. $15,000 dollars for a single year of college tuition and fees. At a public university in my home state. I wanted to go back to school to finish the degree I was going...
Amelia V5 months ago
Considering Applying to Be an RA? Here's What You Need to Know...
After accepting a position as an RA (resident advisor) I have learned a few things about humanity. PEOPLE SUCK! The job requires that you keep residents safe and the building under control. This means...
Amelia V5 months ago
Lonely in College
Growing up, I was always the girl with a lot of friends. I went to a giant high school and I tried to meet new people all the time. I am a very social person. Coming to college was a whole different b...
Spencer MacAdam5 months ago
Top Hacks to Save Money in College/University!
College is expensive, find a way to save money. Whether you're stretching your dollar at the bar or looking to skip out on a textbook, you've come to the right place.
Jordyn Sturms5 months ago
Studio Discipline
When I entered into college as a freshman with a degree in art, I was nowhere close to where I needed to be in studio discipline. In fact, I was quite clueless. It’s easy to chalk it up to playing a s...
Cato Conroy5 months ago
How Did Ivy League Schools Come About?
If there's one thing most people overlook about top schools, it's the roots of their prestige. This is doubly true when you're dealing with schools that carry a huge legacy, like Princeton or Harvard....
Tobias Gillot5 months ago
5 Must-Try Dorm Decorating Ideas
One of the most exciting things about starting college is gaining the freedom to decorate your own room. The way you choose to decorate your dorm room will reflect who you are. Since you’re going to b...
Paulina Pachel5 months ago
The Collegiate Hot Topic: Taking a Gap Year
For those of you that pursued higher education, you can relate to the enormous monthly tuition statements, underpaid part-time jobs, money tossed at expensive textbooks you’ll never use, and sleepless...
Why You Should Go to Community College First
I took a year off after high school, and it was one of the best things I’ve done. It gave me time to save money, travel a little, and think about what I wanted to do with my life. It also gave me the ...