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Theatre Family: The Ultimate Acceptance
The year was 2005 when I quit football (for the second time) at my high school. My once "brotherhood" quickly turned against me and said some pretty hateful things. To this day I still regret it and I...
Sherry Campbell2 years ago
Creative Ways to Decorate Your Graduation Cap
As your final school project, decorating your graduation cap is a fun way to express yourself. Though not every school will allow you to wear them to the actual ceremony, you can always have some fun ...
Taylor Markarian2 years ago
Work Hard, Play Harder: The Top Party Schools in America
Before we get started, let's be perfectly clear: There is a huge difference between partying and violence. There is also a huge difference between partying and self-harm. College parties too often end...
Bethan Burnett2 years ago
Surviving Your 1st Year at Uni in the UK
To say that I went into university unprepared is an understatement, as I had no idea of what was in store for me—or where to look for practical advice. Being a clearing student, I got placed in possib...
Mary McMichael2 years ago
To Be Dependent, or To Not Be Dependent Is The Question
What do I do? I'm so dependent upon everyone, how will I ever become independent? This is what I was thinking in my first year of college. I was so wrapped up in being with my family to where it just ...
Jemma Uttley2 years ago
Why You Shouldn't Go To University
If you’re anything like me you’ll have been told all your life that university is almost a compulsory entity. It is not. My experience of university has been a lot of stress and a lot of debt for abso...
Cemone Ryan2 years ago
Four Years
On your way to University, the first things that go through your mind are: yay, I get to be away from my parents, I can eat whatever I want, I have full emancipation and all freedom to live my life, a...
Ti Ana2 years ago
Questions from Undergrad: Why Did I Do That?
I’ve walked across the stage. Received the fancy diploma case. Shook hands with the chancellor and forced big smiles at the flashing cameras. As I sit back into my folded chair on a breezy spring day,...
Jessica Escober2 years ago
Picking a Major In College
My trajectory towards finding the right college major has been a long one, to say the least. I want to give you some simple tips for picking the major that is right for you while saving time. But firs...
Cheyann Scutt2 years ago
Early Colleges USA
I am currently a junior in high school, but I begin taking courses next semester. By the time I get my diploma, I will have an Associate's degree or transfer certificate in political science. How is t...
Emily Finnigan2 years ago
What I Learned in My Gap Year
College has always been a rocky boat for me, especially leading up to my high school graduation. One minute I wanted to go, the next I didn’t. Looking back I always subconsciously knew that I wasn’t r...
Laura's Vocal 2 years ago
College Planning
Here's my take on college planning and what all needs to be thought about!
Noel Willett2 years ago
Declaring a Minor Not Similar to Your Major
First off, it is important to note that a lot of colleges and universities will dictate that you have a minor relevant to your choice of a major. In fact, some colleges and universities will not let y...
Jessica Posso2 years ago
Things to Know Before Joining a Sorority
Sure when you think about sorority life you think sleepovers, brunch dates and lots of matching clothing but being a sorority girl is hard work honey. Obviously, once people read this they are going t...
Blaine Malefatto2 years ago
One Semester Left
I'm a broadcast journalism major with minors in journalism and broadcast management. Since about seventh grade I knew I wanted to be a journalist. I’ve always enjoyed writing and I believe in the publ...
Anik Marchand2 years ago
The Moment I Realized University Was Killing My Creativity
Sir Ken Robinson once stated in a TedTALK in 2006 that the fear of being wrong will stop us from being creative, that kids will take a chance as they are not frightened at being wrong. However, as adu...
Chris Abrigana2 years ago
7 Classmates You Will Have at Law School
Law school. Ah, those two words carry with them prestige, promise, and pay-off. Sometimes. As incoming law students we all felt that pride, telling our friends, our parents' friend and whoever asked a...
amanda krashnak2 years ago
8 Tips for All College Students
College has been very stressful thus far, but I am sure that you can avoid that with some helpful tips!