Maximize your university experience with these tips for all things collegiate–how to achieve a perfect GPA, select the right major, finance your college education and more.

Space Zebra16 hours ago
Colleges: How They Actually Fail to Provide Economic Opportunity for Low-Income Students
College is a wonderful place where people have the opportunity to constantly learn about themselves and grow as individuals. College students are challenged everyday with high-level academic concepts,...
Alliasz <32 days ago
University Life (Part 1)
**Disclaimer!!! This is my experience as a Canadian student at a Canadian University (just the one I go to)** Ahhh University... An institution created to support further specialized education, allows...
Isla Wright3 days ago
5 Handy Study Hacks for College Students
Studying in college is on a whole different level when compared to studying in high school—you’re expected to read more, understand more, and memorize more. For those who are not used to that kind of ...
Max Williams9 days ago
How to Deal with Your First Year at University/College
Going off to University can be daunting. You're (probably) moving out, (probably) going to a new city, and (hopefully) meeting lots of new people. If you're worrying about it, have a read of this guid...
Rosie 11 days ago
Important Things to Know Before Going to University
University can feel scary and overwhelming, but with these tips and important facts you’ll have all the knowledge you need to have a calmer, happier experience. Don’t feel bad if you forget a tutor or...
Jade Pulman12 days ago
What College Can Teach You About Business
Some people think that business is a real world type industry that you do not need a college education for. What will college teach me that I can’t learn myself? An education can provide the knowledge...
Suzanne Gayle12 days ago
58 Things to Remember When You Go to College
Going off to college consists of a mixture of feeling excited, nervous, anxious, liberated, and scared out of your wits. I felt all of these things post high school graduation, and had no idea what I ...
Jennifer Brown15 days ago
4 Tricks to Accelerate Research Work for Your History Paper
In today’s busy life, it can be harder for students to spare enough time for research. And that’s the reason why most students rely on history help online to free-up some time from their busy schedule...
ahlyse mclean16 days ago
First Year in College
CONGRATULATIONS!! You’re entering your first year in college. Being freshman in college has its ups and downs in all honesty. It’s all about time management, priorities, and learning who you are. I pe...
Ada Zuba17 days ago
Spring Classes and Stress
Some students like to take spring/summer classes to get some courses out of the way. These courses are often fast tracked, and you may not feel that you have time on your hands. It is summer and the w...
Gregory Segal18 days ago
Warwick University's Ranking, Within the Guardian's University League Table, Falls by One Place
Each year the Guardian formulates a University league table which sets out each university's ranking within the UK. A university's rank is based on a number of factors (outlined below), from course sa...
Victoria Lim20 days ago
The Art of Freelance: Making College More Affordable
College and lectures themselves are tough, but when you have to think about funding all that education, you might get demotivated. Colleges are expensive, especially if they are one of those high-qual...
Mikkie Mills21 days ago
Top 10 Websites for Finding the Right Scholarship
When it comes to schooling and getting an education, tuition can be a struggle to pay and could put you in debt right away. A lot of us have a hard time saving money in general and could use the help....
Mikkie Mills22 days ago
4 Reasons Why College Freshmen Should Live Away from Home
While many students might prefer living in a home with the comfort it is helpful to live in a dorm at least for the first year in college. The reasons and benefits of living away from home can be many...
damnyoyo 23 days ago
How I Saved Thousands of Dollars Attending College $$
Hello, my name is Yohana and I'm a student at Temple University going into my sophomore year this fall. What have I learned in just one year of attending college? That college just wants to suck all t...
Mikkie Millsa month ago
The Tech Survival Kit for College
We are all aware of how college life can be very hectic at times. Keeping up with the lectures, assignments, deadlines, and exams can be very exhausting, and in those times, all you wish for is a magi...
College Offers to Pay Students Not to Attend
It seems as though more and more students want to attend college next semester. It also seems as though more students want to attend Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, commonly known...
Martin Clevebsa month ago
Case Study Writing
Case study writing is a way of research investigation. The most common case reports are case studies in management, case study in marketing, and business case studies. It is not like writing about ega...