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Chrissy T2 days ago
Why You Should Drop College!
I am you. I was enrolled in college for two consecutive years, watching videos of people living their lives, having large imaginations, and feeling trapped. Feeling like it's my time to join the drop ...
Steven Walker7 days ago
3 Innovative Pieces of Technology that Can Help You in College
In recent years, technology has become increasingly commonplace in classrooms, from instructors who communicate with students via text, to discussion boards on online education platforms, to electroni...
Young Celebrities: Star Life and College Study
Technological innovations have made it easier than ever to become a celebrity. With Youtube, Instagram, and other social media outlets easily accessible, there are teens gaining celebrity status befor...
Gosia Fryc8 days ago
Choosing an Undergraduate College for Pre-Health Students, and Why Ivy-League Does Not Matter
Getting into an Ivy League school was my dream in high school. I was the typical student that stressed too much about grades, and participated in many extracurriculars. However, most of my extracurric...
Kurt Magnus11 days ago
World Class College Education Available at Your Fingertips
Have you ever searched the worldwide web for online learning or courses? Do you have an interest in quality online education at the college level? There is a growing resource of free, college level co...
Mahmood Ahmad13 days ago
The Presence of Philosophy in University Education
In this post I intend to make some considerations related to the teaching of philosophy in university education. To make the foundation, I have patented an important presence from this discipline in h...
Airika Lewis13 days ago
Benefits of Description
As a writer, it is essential the message is clear, and well understood. This clarity mainly comes from how the paper is worded and organized. Being a descriptive writer reaps many benefits for both th...
Sydney Alexander20 days ago
Things You Need to Know About the GRE
Congratulations! You got your Bachelor’s degree! Or, you're well on your way to receiving it. And now you're ready to start applying for your graduate program. If you are anything like me, you didn’t ...
Morgan Veysey22 days ago
What I Learned Moving to College
I am an only child, and I decided to move halfway across the country for school. By myself. No family anywhere near me. It was a weird experience. I was so happy being on my own, I have a job that I h...
K S24 days ago
Why I Am NO Longer Pre-Med
"I always thought you were going to become a doctor" is the response I get almost every single time I tell someone I am no longer pre-med.
Tobias Gillota month ago
Is College the Right Choice for You?
If you’re nearing the end of your high school career, you have some big decisions looming on your horizon. You’ll have to decide where to go to college—or whether you should go at all. To make the bes...
Bella Maya month ago
The Next Big Thing in Life: What Do You Want to Do?
At the eve of finishing my A levels and actually starting my life, I’ve been continuously faced with the dreaded question, "What do you want to do after college?" or, even worse,"What do you want to d...
Ashley Ba month ago
Things People Don't Tell You After Finishing Culinary School
I graduated from a local catholic private school in 2013. From a small city know for historical tourism. Out of 42 people in my graduating class, I was the ONLY one that was going to go to a trade sch...
Jade Pulmana month ago
Questions You Should Ask When Looking for a College Apartment
Our kids are all grown up and are heading off to college. Instead of a dorm or residence hall, they’ve decided they want to get an apartment. They plan on getting a job if they don’t have one lined up...
Kate Raynsforda month ago
Rooting for You
People always tell you about how university is a great stepping stone to better jobs, better opportunities, and a better life. People, including schools and institutions, rarely talk about mental heal...
luc a month ago
Being Nonbinary at University
TRANSGENDER / TRANS: Someone who doesn’t identify with the sex / gender they were given at birth CISGENDER: Someone who does identify as the sex / gender they were given at birth NONBINARY: A trans pe...
Mikkie Millsa month ago
Why High School Seniors Should Carefully Consider The Pros and Cons of College
High school may seem like a time that is care-free, and a time where one is enjoying still being a 'kid’ with some responsibilities. However, high school is truly an important time, as the decisions o...
Flora Mayer2 months ago
The Importance of Balancing Personal Life and Studying
The most commonly used phrase “have a work-life balance” is very rarely achieved, even by seasoned professionals across the world. It is a utopian situation that every youngster dreams of, before ente...