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Stuck in a Major I Hate

My Story and View

I am a General Engineering major in my last year of college and I hate it. I regret choosing it. If I was given the chance to start all over and choose another major, I  would take the chance in a heartbeat. 

I started out as a Biomedical Engineering major. Throughout the years I wanted to change my major multiple times. At one point, I wanted to be in Health Sciences and the next I wanted to be in Public Health. Now here I am in General Engineering, graduating in a few months and not wanting anything to do with the degree after. This degree that I am earning will be sitting in a bookshelf somewhere in my house left to collect dust. 

After taking general education classes and going into core classes during my sophomore year, I found out I have no passion for this major. I have no interest, which meant I had no motivation. So, I changed my major. I contemplated for a long time what to switch to. I thought Health Sciences or Public Health at one point, but then what was I going to do with all those Engineering courses I took? In the end, I switched to General Engineering. The curriculum was less intensive this way and my engineering courses did not go to waste.

As each term went by, the courses got more and more intense. Once again, I am stuck, lost, and confused. At this point though, I was too deep in. I dug myself into a huge hole piling with debt every day. I invested too much time into this major and changing it at this point felt like I would be dumping money into the ocean. So, I need to ride it through. Those are the thoughts that were and still is running through my head. 

Just now, I am one step closer to the finish line. I am one step closer to graduating. I am one step closer to getting out of the thing I hate. I am one step closer to finding what I want to do in life since I know what I do not want to do. I am one step closer to happiness. 

Moral of the story, if you hate what you are doing do not hesitate to make a change. For the sake of your happiness, mental health, physical health just do what you need to do. You will figure it out in the end, sometimes it just takes a little longer. 

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Stuck in a Major I Hate
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