Starting College

A Day in the Life of College

First Day

So last year I signed myself up for college. As the date for starting came closer and closer, I started to panic, questions going round my mind: "Will I make friends? Will I get lost?" I was so scared I had no idea where I was going. All I knew was I was going to get another qualification added to my list, which was the good thing. I worried myself silly until the actual day of starting college. I walked right up to the building and paused. "Now where is my class?" I wondered as I paused in front of the bright red building in front of me. I pulled out my time-sheet. "T15" it read.

I headed inside towards the building searching for the right room. I finally found the room I needed and I entered. About 30 pairs of eyes felt as if they were all staring at me as I entered the room. "It's okay," I told myself. I sat down in an empty seat which were to the opposite side of the room from where I entered the room. I sat down and thought about what the entire day had in store for me. This was the first lesson I had. It started out with a few games introduced by my new class tutor who lightens the mood until everyone in the room seemed as though they were just as relaxed as me. We all seemed to mingle and make friends through a series of games on the first day. We started off with just a few ice breakers so we could get to know each-other, our names, who we are and a little bit about ourselves such as our favourite musical band. Soon after our ice breakers was our first ever task yet to be completed for college work. This task was fairly easy, I must say, as we only had to write down how we felt about our first day of college and any advice we would give to newcomers. During the end of this first of many tasks to come, we shared our ideas with the rest of the class, starting with one student at one side of the room one by one until it was my turn. I could feel my heart beat faster and faster and my palms starting to sweat as it was coming closer and closer to my turn to share my ideas with my new class. This was one of the first and one of many times I had to share out my notes and what I had written to the rest of the class. As it came to my turn to share to my newly met class what I had written, I held my piece of paper up in front of my face feeling nervous as I spoke knowing that everyone was watching and listening to what I was saying. All I could do was try my best. As I finished speaking, I looked up to happy smiling faces, which made me feel welcomed in a way and a lot less stressed and nervous. My tutor congratulated and praised me, which made me feel proud of one of my first pieces of college work. From that moment, I became more and more confident about going into college ready and prepared for work and also presenting it.

Once the day was over, I reflected back on what happened. It wasn't so bad after all. Now, I love college as I have entered my second year. All that worrying was pointless because good things do happen when you least expect it. 

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