Staff Picks

Building Your First Semester
When it comes to creating your degree it really boils down to making a semester at a time. Yes, you can do what I did, and collect 400 courses then make 10 semesters out of it. However, that takes a l...
Patricia Sarkar15 days ago
Golden Tickets for Alumni Turns a Night Out at an Event Into an Opportunity to Give Back
Going to college is something that changes you, and anyone who has been there can attest to it. It’s a place where you transformed from a shy high schooler to a fully-fledged adult. It’s a place where...
Shelby MacAnanny21 days ago
The Truth About Being a College Freshman
Before you move into college, everyone will have something to say about what to bring and how fun it is going to be, but what college is really like is different from anything you'd ever expect.
Leigh Fishera month ago
You Can Still Finish Your Degree While Working Full-Time
Getting a degree when you work full-time is one of the most challenging things a person can do, but if you have a firm objective, it’s worth chasing. If you know what career path you want but you need...
Emily Martina month ago
Struggling to Find a Study Technique That Actually Works?
We've all spent endless hours trying to figure out how to study the material we were given. Part of being a student is being responsible for learning the material in a way that resonates with you so t...
Miranda 2 months ago
10 Reasons a Student in College Is Too Busy for a Job
There once was a time when I read an article on ten questions someone had for students who were "too busy" for a job while in college. It is linked below if you'd like to read this article first!
Cato Conroy2 months ago
How to Get Your GED
Being a high school dropout is one of the most economically devastating things that can happen to your lifetime earnings. Sadly, this is true even if there are some famous high school drop outs who ha...
Tasha Pretlove2 months ago
5 Reasons I Studied an Art Foundation
So exactly a year ago tomorrow I moved 190 miles away from home to Leeds to study an art foundation degree at Leeds Arts university. I hadn't even considered a foundation and barely knew what it was a...
Michael X.3 months ago
A Layman's Guide to Surviving AP Calculus
Disclaimer: These are tips to help you pass the class, not to get a 5 on the AP test. Ah, AP Calculus... the class that made even the smartest students at my school tremble. Unfortunately for me, my s...