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Science College Courses You Can Take Completely Free from Home

Did you know that you can take Introductory Oceanography for free online? These are the great science college courses you can take completely free!

Getting an education isn't cheap at all; in fact, it's pretty damn expensive. Many of us drop thousands and thousands to gain a degree and it's ridiculous because gaining an education is crucial if we want to work at a well-paying job and live comfortably. There are even workers to this day still paying off their student loans; that's how expensive college is. And the more pricey degrees fall under are the medical and science fields. Yes, science courses are a lot of money, and students struggle to pay them off. In class or online, these courses aren't pocket money.

But wait, I have amazing news. Did you know that there are free science courses you can take online? Yes! There are generous universities and programs that offer free science courses that you can take right at home. This is pretty rare, considering that science is an advanced field that requires a lot of information to be absorbed. But now you can absorb that information right in the comfort of your own home... for free! If you're curious just what free online science courses there are, these are the science college courses you can take completely free.

Question Everything: Scientific Thinking In Real Life

This is definitely one of the more interesting courses you can take online for free—Scientific Thinking in Real Life. This course revolves around both math and science skills that you can apply to your everyday life. And since all of the lessons that this course teaches are important to acknowledge, the fact that it’s free makes it a lot better.

As a collaboration between The University of Queensland and Brisbane Grammar School, they cover key points and scientific concepts like measurement, misconceptions, modeling, estimation, prediction, extrapolation, and more. And each of these concepts will be viewed through real-world examples and problems. This way, you can visualize how both math and science can work in your life! Plus, this course is offered by edX, which is known to be one of the best sites for an online education.

Antarctica: From Geology to Human History

Ever wanted to explore more of what Antarctica has to offer us? Among the best science college courses you can take completely free right now is Antarctica: From Geology to Human History. This course is like a visual field trip to Antarctica while you explore the location, the geology, and history behind the coldest, driest, and windiest continent on earth!

You can learn so much about Antarctica from more than 500 million years of geological history and 250 years of geographical discovery and scientific endeavor. This free course also offers lectures that are filmed on location on Ross Island and in the McMurdo Dry Valleys of Antarctica. Gaining knowledge of Antarctica’s geology and human activities, you’ll basically know the continent from the inside and out!

Greatest Unsolved Mysteries of the Universe

The fact that the Greatest Unsolved Mysteries of the Universe is one of the science college courses you can take completely free now is like a dream come true. In this astonishing course, you get to explore the biggest mysteries of modern astrophysics. Even though some of us know a bit about the universe, and since the universe is such a broad topic, there’s so much that we don’t know yet. From understanding what the universe is made up of and what else it consists, we also don’t know if there’s even life in space!

However, this free science course will take you through nine of the greatest unsolved problems of modern astrophysics. It’s designed for people who are willing to dig deeper in understanding the mysteries of the universe rather than constantly wanting videos based on the subject. And nothing is truly more fascinating than understanding how the universe works.

Climate Change: The Science

Know anything about the works of global warming? Climate Change: The Science is a free science course that you can take online right at home. After taking this course, you’ll master the basics of climate science so you can better understand the news, evaluate scientific evidence, and even explain what global warming is to those who don’t know. Since climate change is the biggest challenge that we’re facing in our time, climate science is focused on finding solutions to them all.

This course is an introduction to climate science basics. It talks about flows of energy and carbon in Earth’s climate system how climate models work, the history of climate, and even future forecasts. You’ll know so much about the weather from detecting it to the names of the diverse clouds. The course even teaches earth’s possible climate future including the role of human choices. 

Sensing Planet Earth – From Core to Outer Space

Among the great science college courses you can take completely free, Sensing Planet Earth—From Core to Outer Space is an amazing course that questions whether or not the earth is flat. But that’s not the only question you’ll be diving into, but questions like how fast is the rainforest disappearing? Also, you get to learn all about the crucial tools for measuring and monitoring our planet.

Go through a virtual journey covering different earth observation tools. The course covers the most crucial measurement tools for solid earth, the atmosphere, and even the biosphere. Plus, you’ll get to understand how we apply earth observations to better understand our planet.

Astrophysics: The Violent Universe

The course, Astrophysics: The Violent Universe, explores the deadliest places in the universe from black holes to even supernovae. Since the universe is a vast place, there’s also a ton of scary and deadly activities going on out there. And if you’re super interested in all things universe related, then you shouldn’t hesitate to take this free science course.

This course is designed specifically for people who really want to get deeper in acknowledging the astronomy than that’s provided through science articles and television shows. However, you’ll need a reasonable high-school level math and physics background in order to get the most of this course. Either way, this science course is truly mind-blowing and you’ll be astonished by how much the universe has to offer.

Introductory Oceanography

The University of Massachusetts at Boston actually offers one of the best science college courses you can take completely free right now—Introductory Oceanography. Marine life is really an intriguing topic and there’s a lot that we don’t know about our oceans. From the depths to the marine life, plant life, and everything else that goes on down there, this course is giving students the basics of oceanography.

The course teaches all students about the history and geographical contact of oceans. You’ll get to understand the continental shelves, slope types, marine ice, and even types of tides. Through lecture notes, images, and final exams, everything is provided online… for free.

Organic Chemistry I

Many people would find organic chemistry to be the absolute hardest subject in the field. However, it’s still under chemistry, and the fact that this course is free, Organic Chemistry I, is great for those who can’t afford the course. From the best science college courses you can take completely free, this course allows all students to study information all about the structure of organic molecules. In addition, you get to understand and use organic chemistry vocabulary.

All learners will understand how to write transformations and how to draw structural representations and aromatic compounds. Plus, this course includes exams and their solutions for students to view over if that want to. And Massachusetts Institute of Technology is the college that offers this course online for free.

The Rise of Modern Science

Aside from organic chemistry, Massachusetts Institute of Technology also gives a free online science course on The Rise of Modern Science! This course studies the history of science all while examining philosophy, social structure, and magic and folk knowledge. They include readings from Aristotle, Einstein, Darwin, and Freud.

However, all students have to buy the majority of these works in order to follow through with the lessons. Yet, some readings are actually available for free download. Lecture notes and information on the course assignments can also be accessed on the course website. 


Finally, among the great science college courses you can take completely free right now, is Mineralogy. Offered by Tulane University, this course includes PDF files of lecture notes for all students to use while they learn about atom arrangements. In addition, students get to understand how to identify different minerals, too.

Mineralogy is actually a really fascinating course that shows you everything that you need to know about minerals. This online course also includes a list of all the links to websites that relate back to what you’ll be learning on mineralogy.  

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Science College Courses You Can Take Completely Free from Home
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