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Saving Music

Bacc for the Future


This is my first post on this site and whilst I was deciding what to write, life just gave me my first story instantly. I just became an instrumental teacher at Birmingham Music Service. I was overjoyed to get this job as it has been my dream for many years. However, this dream comes with a sad tale. I was sad to learn how much music and creative subjects are being considered to not be core subjects in a pupil’s education, especially in secondary schools.

For myself, music has been a wonderful creative outlet and a wonderful form of support. Music enables expression, can provide freedom from everyday stresses and be a constructive outlet for any feelings that need to be released. It brings joy to billions all over the world and contributes in billions of pounds to this countries industry the UK. Music can touch the soul and suit almost any mood of the listener whether be happy, sad, fatigued, excited, you name it.

My dream, however, may be saved. Bacc for the Future is a campaign designed to save music and other creative subjects in school curriculums. You can write a letter to your local MP, donate, find statistics and banners to share to raise awareness of this current situation.

More than 200 organisations and more than 30,000 individuals have signed up to support the campaign. You can join them by signing the petition to save the creative studies on their website.

Just from this year you can see how the statistics have fallen again within GCSE’s. This is their latest post.

GCSE Results Day 2018: uptake of creative subjects down by over 10%.


Figures published today – GCSE results day – by the Joint Council for Qualifications show a 10.2% decline in the uptake of creative subjects – defined as Art & Design, Design & Technology, Music, Drama, Media/Film/TV Studies, Performing/Expressive Arts and Dance – at GCSE in the past year in the UK.

Deborah Annetts, Chief Executive of Incorporated Society of Musicians said:

‘Many congratulations to students on their hard work and achievements in their GCSEs this year.
Over the past year, the uptake of creative subjects at GCSE has fallen by over 10%. The fall in Design & Technology and Performing/Expressive Arts in particular are terribly concerning. This is against a background of the government claiming that the EBacc is not detrimental to the take up of arts GCSEs. This is simply not true.
We call on the government today to reverse the deeply damaging EBacc policy. More than ever we need a comprehensive education policy which will give our students what they need in a post-Brexit, digital world. The EBacc simply isn’t it.
The EBacc is actively undermining the skills pipeline and putting the future success of our creative industries at risk.’
I have already signed this petition and endeavour to do what I can to support music within schools. It would be a great shame for music to become extinct as a subject within schools just because it is not considered a core subject. Music requires counting, working as a team, reading music which includes clef, key signatures, time signature etc, listening skills not only your own sound but that of others when involved in a group and so many other skills that you wouldn’t find in another subject. I will be posting regularly what I am up to on about my teaching life and various other jobs. Finally, I urge you to try to do your part, it only takes a few seconds!
Many thanks
Viola McArdle