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San Jose State Technical Writing Program

A Dream Come True

Somebody at my mental health clinic told me about this technical writing program. The classes I need are English 1A and 1B. I already have those on my transcript, but need to retake them for a higher grade. De Anza is simply more accessible than Foothill College at this point, since I live in San Jose. The required classes at San Jose State are the following: Introduction to Career Writing, E129, Editing for Writers E106, and Professional and Technical Writing, E107. Also, they want you to start by taking Modern English E103.

Apparently, I have to go through Open University to get started in this program, which is a space-available kind of program. 24 units go to an undergraduate degree. Introduction to Career Writing is one class I would have to take as an elective. Needless to say, after reading this, an M.F.A. is also tempting. I need to get a certification, and this is one way of doing that. But yes, my resume on Career Builder is getting some hits. So I have some direction now because of my job training school, but I have more ideas about where I’m going with my B.A. in creative writing.

I know I have to retake English 1A and English 1B at De Anza in their online program. This is the very first step. It turns out I have both my Foothill College and my San Francisco State University transcripts at home. I wish I had known that going to the electrical engineering school out here that it is affiliated with Foothill. I need to get a job in copywriting, editing, or proofreading. It's slim pickings today on Indeed, so I’m just waiting until next Monday. I try to go for jobs that are a resume match.

Yes, my job search is frustrating me, but I have had enough career guidance by now to learn to focus on a writing job. I’m sure that my degree will ultimately be used and useful. Copywriting is about advertisements. Journalism sticks with the facts of a story about what is going on in your subject’s lives. I’ve written anthropology summaries for my A.A. in anthropology. My other Associate is in Creative Writing, but that wasn’t with honors like anthropology. Anyways, I want to study more writing even with that Technical Writing certification class I have.

I’m working hard on getting myself together. Online classes are awesome. I want to be able to finish everything I need to get done while in San Jose before I transfer my credits to UCLA if possible as I have to apply to other schools. I’m scared I will take too long to get somewhere. One purely academic online class per quarter is what I need to get done with filler classes, be it art, drama, speech, and student government. It serves to improve my people skills along with PE classes. If De Anza has a martial arts class, I would take it.

I’m just waiting to work part-time and go to school part-time. I want to do student government again, only stable this time around. I’m just waiting to make the extra income necessary for me to go back to school. I have stuff to do with my academic life that I can’t have the money to do right now. It’d be interesting to go back to school soon enough. I’m just antsy, waiting to have enough money and stability with my mental health. Yes, crowds scare me, but I’ve had some practice going to therapy at San Jose State with appropriate psychic protection. I’m learning or relearning my great crowds shielding.

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San Jose State Technical Writing Program
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