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Reason First: Forget About Felicity Huffman and Lori Loughlin, Free Up the Schools

The actresses are just the shiny objects in a dirty ring of corruption.

Coincidence or Irony?

With the scandal of the fake college admissions story regarding ringleader William Rick Singer, it is ironic that college dropouts become insta-billionaires in Silicon Valley. Did the parents of the children involved in this whole blow up expect them to develop a killer app and ditch a fancy school all in the process? By eliminating city, state, and federal controls over the minds of those yearning to learn, these kind of scams would never appear.

Dozens Charged in College Admissions Bribery Scandal

The cheating occured out of feelings. The parents felt that if they could game the system, and not get caught, then their child would have the benefits of the world laid at their feet. But as the film The Social Network (2010) illustrates, it’s not just about getting into Harvard. You’ve got to look forward to rowing crew or be relegated to an acapella singing group. You can focus on your studies but being punched by an elite final club is of chief importance, allegedly.

Celebs, CEOs Implicated in $25 Million College Admissions Cheating Scam: Prosecutors

Youtube, savings accounts, homeschooling, and whatever else that the next Internet genius will dream up will revolutionize the current state of government run schools and set the precedent for only private schools. Such actions and institutions would cease all of these schemes. The privatization would grant the student of merit the maximized opportunity to excel in his or her major, minor, and other courses. 

How a Bombshell Bribery Scandal Illuminates the 'Corruption' of College Admissions

There are few putrid and toxic terms applied to wealthy (especially white) individuals than “privilege.” It destroys the capacity for an individual to prove that he or she has the skills to be accepted into an institution of higher learning. Programs like affirmative action also hinder the mind of those who do not deserve to go to an exclusive school. Also, it incapacitates the learner who has earned their way through school.

Felicity Huffman, Loughlin Among the 50 Charged in College Exam Cheating Scandal | NBC Nightly News

Greed and selfishness are too good and too pure terms to apply to this case. The scheme was about envy and repression. The parents were envious of other children who did the work to be accepted into these colleges and universities. They felt repressed rage at the fact that despite their wealth, they still could not send their kid to the top schools.

Alan Dershowitz reacts to the college admissions scam.

It is the opposite of greed and selfishness as greed is related to producing more and more in an honest fashion and selfishness is the foundation for being able to deal with life firsthand. This means that that one doesn’t lean on dishonesty and bribery to get into premiere elite schools. The school community service requirement is altruistic enough, why sully the good name of selfishness when it comes to college admissions?

Donations to alma maters currently damage two fields. Cynically, it shows that the parents wish to see their child go off to an excellent tier school based on their pocketbooks before they even get accepted. Secondly, It harms the child and the rest of the country if parents dole out funds to their corrupt schools who spew outright fallacies and lies about capitalism, for instance. It is a vicious act to bribe and defraud these schools and children, catching them up in a web of deception and disgrace. Actresses Felicity Huffman and Lori Loughlin are mere pawns. The CEOs and company presidents should get the brunt of the attention as they have further damaged the image and work of greedy, selfish, and honest CEOs. Especially, Singer should be thrown in the jail dishonoring legitimate private school professors and developers like Sal Khan. Because he couldn’t match up with the sterling record of a Mr. Khan, Singer emoted and just took the money without ever earning it.

Private schools across the board prepare students for not only college life but to be life-loving, happy individuals. That’s no act.

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Reason First: Forget About Felicity Huffman and Lori Loughlin, Free Up the Schools
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