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Old School Punishment

Gives a Child Their Dreams

One day, a little boy named Benjamin was taken to school by his parents. He was only six years old and it was his first day in kindergarten. He was very anxious about being a big boy like his mother told him that he would be, but he was nervous because he didn’t know the other kids. None of them lived in his neighborhood and he wasn’t sure if they would like him.

His parents walked him to one of the classrooms where there were other children inside playing at the different tables and doing different things. Some were playing with colored clay, while others were using the table on the other side of the classroom to build skyscrapers with the wooden blocks.

This brightened his spirits some because they were doing things he liked doing, but he still had to go over and talk to them. He grabbed his mother’s hand and she walked him over to meet the teacher. His teacher was a very nice lady who smiled while talking to Benjamin. He began to really like her, but couldn’t take his eyes off the kids at the corner table playing with the wooden blocks.

His mother noticed how he was getting antsy and she looked over to see a couple of children playing with some blocks which she knew that was Benjamin’s favorite thing to do. So, she walked him over after saying goodbye to his teacher to the table where the other children were building tall buildings with these blocks and then imagining super hero’s jumping off them.

When they walked up to the table, Benjamin just stood there watching them play before one of the children stopped playing and asked Benjamin if he wanted to play too? Benjamin was so happy that the little boy asked him if he wanted to play with him. It made his day and his mother could see it too.

She leaned down and told Benjamin that they had to go to work and that they would come back and get him after school. Benjamin turned to his mother and hugged her tightly, telling her okay before letting go and turning back around to play. He was so engrossed in playing with the blocks that he didn’t even notice his parents walking out of the classroom.

The children played with Benjamin for a few more minutes before the teacher called everyone to come sit down so they can begin. Benjamin was playing and being happy and didn’t hear the teacher. She noticed how he was still playing and walked over to him. She leaned over to tell him to stop playing because it was time to have school.

Benjamin looked up at her and said, “No.” He wanted to play and didn’t care about anything else. The teacher was becoming a bit frustrating because he didn’t want to come learn with the other children who just watched as the teacher tried pulling Benjamin away from the blocks. He reached down and gave the blocks a big hug yelling, “No, I want to play with the blocks.”

The teacher finally resorted to telling him if he didn’t stop playing with the blocks, he would go sit in the corner. Benjamin just stomped his feet crying and holding onto the blocks for dear life. The teacher let go of him and went over to the classroom phone and called for the principal to come to her class. All the other children mumbled under their breath, and you could hear faint “oohing” as they began to make fun of him for getting in trouble with the teacher.

The principal walked inside the classroom and over to where Benjamin was with the blocks, and asked him to put the blocks away and do as his teacher asked him. He kept telling them no as he played with the colored wooden blocks. The principal finally went over to the teacher’s desk and pulled out a wooden paddle.

He walked back over to Benjamin and told him that if he didn’t put the blocks away, he would get a spanking. It didn’t matter to Benjamin, he just kept playing. Is was if he didn’t hear them talking to him because he was so into playing with the blocks.

The principal finally took Benjamin by the hand and forcefully pulled him away from the blocks and took him screaming over to the side of the classroom where the principal sat down in a chair. He took Benjamin and placed him over his knee and began paddling his behind while he screamed and cried.

The children were in awe that he was actually getting a spanking and became very quiet. They didn’t want the same fate that Benjamin was getting. After getting his paddling, Benjamin was taken to the corner chair where he was placed facing the wall.

Once he was sat in the corner, the principal told the teacher that he was going to go call his parents. She understood and went back to teaching her class while every so often looking over to see what Benjamin was doing. She watched until the principal returned with his parents behind him.

They were already informed of his behavior and would be taking him home for the day. They went over to him sitting in the corner and reached down for his hand. He looked up while reaching for his mother’s hand and she took him out of the corner without saying a word to him. Benjamin thought something was wrong because she hadn’t said a word to him.

They walked him out to the car and placed him inside. They both got inside and buckled up before turning the car on and heading home. No one spoke a word all the way home. Benjamin finally spoke up, stating that they spanked him in front of all the other children. He got no response from either of them. It was a quiet ride home.

Once they got parked and out of the car, his mother took his hand and led him inside the house. They stood in the dining room where his father sat in one of the chairs and took his hand from his mothers. He brought him over to where he was sitting and began pulling down his pants while his mother sat in another chair watching.

His father picked him up and placed him over his lap and began spanking his bare bottom while telling him he should be a good boy in school. He needs to mind the teacher and do what he is told to do. Benjamin screamed and cried as his father spanked him.

Once he was done and Benjamin was released, he stood there with his pants down around his ankles and rubbed his now red bottom while he sniffled and cried. His mother turned him around and asked him if he was going to be a good boy now for the teacher. He sniffled a few more times before saying, “Yes”.

Then she told him that he was now grounded, and couldn't play for the whole week and sent him to his room where he climbed onto his bed and laid there sniffling before falling asleep.

Do you remember those days when you acted out and got your bare bottom spanked until it was red? I think that is the problem now with our youth because they are not being punished the way we got punished. Parents are becoming laid back and being walked all over by their own children.

I think it is time that we get a grip and handle on our youth while they are young. Kids are not learning what they need to, and their education is faltering for it. They go to school and do what they want and never take the time to learn anything important. Their education is what holds the very fibers of their life together. Without an education, their dreams will never come true for them. Let’s stand up for education, the crap that teachers take and for their bravery in the classroom.