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My Calling

A life changing experience: Tutoring

Six or seven months ago I started tutoring in the public library of my city as a volunteer. The program seemed nice, and it was a great opportunity to do some community service. The people that work there were nice and they received me as part of their team with respect and kindness. I was embracing it, still, I wasn't sure of I why I was doing this until I got my first student. There in my first session as a tutor, I understood why I took on the challenge of tutoring.

Her name is Edith. She is in her 40s and has five children. Her short-term goal: to learn the English language to help her kids with homework. Her long-term goal: to speak fluid English to apply for the U.S. citizenship. Level of Understanding: little to none. This was the challenge I was going to take as a tutor, so I started making strategies to teach. This was six to seven months ago when I saw the student as a challenge or as a job, but ended up learning I was doing something greater than that.

See, it takes little to change someone's life. It doesn't take you a whole lot of money, or material things. It only takes a little of your time, and to share some of your knowledge to one person or a group of people. I learned through my student that I was changing her life, that I was giving her a key to open new and better opportunities. A key to a better economy, better education, better job. By teaching her English I was empowering her with knowledge that she needed to help herself and her family. That is the best thing I could know, it has made my day to serve/help her in understanding the language, a foreign language. A second language is not her native one, but a very important new ability to use from now on. See, education is not only a need. It can also be seen as a privilege, because it gives you the capacity and abilities to help others in things they don't know, and to change their lives completely. 

I have been a tutor for six to seven months and it has changed my life changing the life of my students. It has given me an incredible satisfaction and inspire me anew to keep helping others. By helping them my life gets richer and richer with new experiences and with friends that value dearly the effort you put in your work. People of today, especially young, underestimate knowledge and prefer to live by instinct. That is a big mistake. Knowledge opens doors, education gives you power. By teaching others what you have learn in life experience is given and is taken at the same time. Tutoring is an enriching task, to see the face of your student when he/she has learn to pronounce words he/she could not a while back and see the smile in their faces, is a life changing experience.

The saying goes: treat people the way you would like to be treated. I say to you: help others the way you would like to be help. Fill your life with life changing experiences, with eternal memories of true servitude to others in need. God bless.