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Making Money While You're in School and Away from Home

Just a few tips on how to make money even while you're a busy college student with no time to work before curfew.

Hey everyone!

My name is Kaylin Winters and I'm currently a physical sherapy student at Bethel.

Of course I'm a broke college student (aren't we all?) who's been trying to get an online job to have over the summer. (Because I have tuition to pay.) I've tried so many online surveys, "legitimate" sites claiming to pay you over $25-50 a week, or my personal favorite—$250-500 a year!

I just want to pay my tuition without taking out any loans and having to accumulate more debt than money I have available to me. I've tried sites like MySurvey, Flex Jobs,, etc. I've applied and have gotten no word back. All I've gotten have been spam emails and wasted time.

Now, don't get me wrong. I have applied for scholarships and actual in-person jobs but they haven't been very lucky for me. It's just an online job would be easier with the degree I need (PT). In fact, I've put so much into my scholarship searching that every month when I get the notification of new scholarship opportunities, I just scroll past. I've applied for every different monthly scholarship there is (that I'm qualified for) and nothing. I also applied for McDonald's jobs and Kroger. Nothing still. So I tried to create my own blog. Now I knew that creating a blog would be hard but it was harder than I had expected it to be. You have to keep up with them and update them daily and as a student majoring in exercise science, and taking two semesters of anatomy with a teacher I'm pretty sure doesn't actually like her students, it's harder than normal. I'd hate to see a nursing student try this. I've probably created about four sites and forgotten about all but one.

I've tried YouTube but I'm not a very good speaker so it's never worked out. I'd like to become a famous YouTuber but I know that's not me. I'm quiet, I'm a writer, an artist, and a photographer. I do things that I won't have to talk as much during and it fits me.

Luckily, I've found that I can keep things simple and organized when I'm not trying to force it. So I write when I feel like it and mostly about my life and sometimes I create stories (fanfics and sometimes my own) or plots for stories and movies and things like that. I draw because that helps me to just rest my brain and calm down. It's especially helpful during finals week when everything is in knots and I have three classes that seem eerily similar to each other (Fitness and Wellness, Athletic Training and Intro to Health—college edition).

So basically, I've decided to write only what I want, not what I think people will want to read. Because if I have to twist myself into three different people in order for others to read and like my photos, art, and fashion and read my stories and blog updates then I won't even do anything. I'll set it aside and forget like the others.

For those who even got this far, thank you for reading my message to you all. I hope you come back and make sure to tell your friends and follow me on Twitter (@kaylinwinters2) and Instagram (@Black_barbie_._ & @kaylinwintersillustrations_). If you have an idea you'd like to write about I've put my email on my personal Instagram (in case you don't have an Instagram—it's [email protected]). Again, thank you for giving my "blog" a chance.

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Making Money While You're in School and Away from Home
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