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Let's Fail. Together

Why Sharing Our Failures Is Just as Important as Sharing Our Success

I've noticed that Facebook is a happy place. 

Like, too happy. 

Everyone is living their perfect life and then they go to Instagram and post their perfect jobs and twitter to post their perfect recipes. 

It's as though everyone is trying so hard to push the idea that their lives are perfect and in no way shape or form have they've ever failed.

When the honest truth is, even I, in all my perfection and beauty, have failed. 

I know, it's a shocker.

But people aren't sharing that. Which is weird, because everyone fails. Rarely do we hear about them, and if we do, it's after they've already found their success. 

I think if we share more of our failures, then people would be more willing to go out of their comfort zones to find success. That we should accept our failures (I want to point out here that we are not settling with our failures, but accepting them) and that it is a part of growing.

Maybe if we shared them more, people will have more of an idea of what they're truly getting into and won't be so defeated or deterred when they do run into a roadblock for whatever their goal is.

For instance, when I was accepted into my graduate program.

I proudly shared on every form of social media within my possession that I was accepted. I received all types of congratulations, and such which felt really good. 

What I didn't share that my acceptance was conditional. What that means is that my GPA was not good enough to be fully accepted, but I was still given a chance.

Looking back, I believe I was more embarrassed to share that. But, I think that I should have, because there are other people out there that may not go to graduate school, and may want to, but they do not believe that their GPA is good enough to allow them to.

Then, what I have shared with very few people (probably no one else besides my mom if we're being honest) is that in my undergrad, I did not get into my major of choice. 

I know, that's a shocker.

But it is actually possible to go through all the bullshit of getting into college then having to worry about actually getting into your major.

Anyway, I didn't get a degree in journalism because I couldn't pass the damn exam. And I tried. Twice.

I did end up getting a degree in communication, which I actually enjoy a lot better than journalism, so it was all for the best.

Oh, and I failed my first class in college. Which also probably has to do with the fact that I was conditionally accepted into my graduate degree.

But it was math.

With letters.

And I suck at math, with letters. It just doesn't make sense.

The point is, life isn't easy. Everyone is struggling with something. Don't let social media fool you. Don't let Facebook fool you. As someone once said, in some movie, or book, or honestly I can't find where this quote originated but:

"Anything worth having will not come easy."

And who knows, maybe our failures aren't even really failures. They're just stepping stones that we have to step over. 

Therefore, if you truly want success, you're going to fail.

And that's okay. We'll be failures together.

Until we reach success.

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Let's Fail. Together
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