Learning to Be a Teacher

Who would have thought learning to be a teacher would be so hard?

Time for lots of note taking

I am thirty one years old. I am a wife and a mother to three girls four and under. I have got a degree in business management. I thought that was hard considering I barely passed a few of my classes. I have decided to go for what my heart truly desires to be - a high school English teacher. I also thought it would be easy to learn to be a teacher.


I never truly understood how much a teacher needs to know before they get their degree and enter into their career field. I thought that all teaching was ... Was copying things from textbooks and creating ready made homework to torture their students with. When I was a little girl, I would pretend I was a teacher. I'd have roll sheets and homework and grading. I thought it was simple. 

I am almost done with my bachelor's degree. I have learned what I thought was simple was incorrect. I never knew about the many different teaching strategies there were. I didn't know about the classroom management strategies that I would have to research for my future use in a classroom. (Please note again that I am trying to be an English teacher.) I have taken numerous literature classes which were beautiful and an interesting read. Until I got to British literature, oh my God, what did I get myself into. I have never really tried to go into much depth into this kind of literature like Shakespeare. It took me quite a few reads to understand it. How am I supposed to teach this to my high schoolers? Lord, give me strength to come up with a way to teach this in a way that they would understand it. Lord, give me the strength to understand it myself so I can teach it to my high schoolers!!!

Although I have and am learning all that it takes to be a teacher and find it exasperating at times, I will not give up until I am in a classroom with my own group of students ready to learn to love to read and write.

I know it is a difficult concept to think that there are some teenagers that still like to read and write. They only writing they may like to do is on social media only, like Facebook and Twitter. They don't use real writing most of the time. Its all in instant message speak like OMG or BFF or BTW (oh my god, best friend forever, or by the way). The grammar and punctuation rules are needed to be re-taught to our kids to know that that is not the correct way to write. That is what I am here for. 

Re-learn Grammar

Grammar is an everyday use. We use it for writing letters, essays, resumes, and emails. We must not let our teenagers think that IM writing is the norm. Otherwise, we might as well say goodbye to English teaching in high school and even middle school. What's the point if we are just going to accept IM as good writing? 

Wong Motivation

This is only one of his videos that I liked and got information from. I recommend all teachers watching his videos. 

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