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Chris Abrigana22 minutes ago
7 Classmates You Will Have at Law School
Law school. Ah, those two words carry with them prestige, promise, and pay-off. Sometimes. As incoming law students we all felt that pride, telling our friends, our parents' friend and whoever asked a...
bella mirza19 hours ago
Nursing School: Is it Right For You?
Nursing is very popular major among college students of all ages right now. The job demand and great pay make the gory job seem more glam. But before you get to be a nurse, you have to get through the...
Annisa Love20 hours ago
Cosmetology School: Is It Right for You?
I started cosmetology school because I love makeup, and I recently started loving hair. I am not attending the class at a private school like most, I am attending at a community college. The school I'...
Manda Krashnak21 hours ago
8 Tips for All College Students
College has been very stressful thus far, but I am sure that you can avoid that with some helpful tips!
Amber Beaa day ago
'Un Told Storys of a Chilld Dylesixc'
“Th- The cat r-ran…up th-the tree.” Giggles filled the heavy classroom air as I began to read aloud. Grade two was the year I was diagnosed with dyslexia. My classmates were unforgiving and could not ...
Queen Jordana day ago
Planning to Live Off Campus with Others?
As an out-of-state college student, money has always been an issue. I have figured out that living off campus is a lot cheaper. When I say a lot, I mean 30% less than the original price. Anyway, this ...
bella mirza2 days ago
Inexpensive and Thoughtful Gifts to Get Teachers
Teachers shape the future of our youth. They devote their lives to the classroom with almost nothing in return. This holiday season, get your kid's teachers something small to show them your support a...