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Jim Hughes9 hours ago
How Teachers and Students Benefit from Educational Technology
There’s no denying that technology is becoming more and more predominant in the field of education. Tablets are replacing textbooks, slideshow presentations are replacing blackboards and print materia...
Matthew Evans10 hours ago
Motivate Your Child
Actually, children like to learn. Actually. Many children lose their motivation to learn early on. Every child is born with an incredible desire to discover and shape. Never again in his life will a c...
Shannon Thompson13 hours ago
What I Learned at My First Semester of College
A List of Things I Learned in the Past Few Months
10 Reasons Why Teachers Are Quitting Education
America is dealing with one of the worst education crises in history. As of right now, our country's ability to compete with others on an international level is in freefall. Schools have lower standar...
10 Things No One Tells You About Going to Princeton
If there's one school that has become world famous for its high prestige and upper class attendees, it's Princeton University. Every single parent dreams of seeing their kids going to Princeton, espec...
Katy P.A.5 days ago
Living the Dream While Paying the Cost
How to Still Live While Carrying the College Cost
Why Graduation Is the Most Anticlimactic Event of Your Life
Everyone always says that graduation will be the greatest day of your life. You'll be an adult, you're done with schooling, and you'll be able to do whatever you want with your life. It should be a gr...
Nalda Parker6 days ago
14 Free Online Courses for Senior Citizens
According to the Population Referral Bureau, there are over 40 million senior citizens living in the United States today. A senior citizen is anyone who is aged 65 or older. This term is simply a way ...
Paula Macena7 days ago
Stress Levels in Modern Day Students
In the year 2000, the December issue of the American Psychological Association's Journal of Personality and Social Psychology released a meta-analytic study in which they compared the anxiety levels i...